Joe Biden’s historic and bizarre decision

According to Eqtesadnews; Transition team spokesman Joe Biden confirmed Thursday that for the first time, the president-elect of the United States has selected a Native American for a ministerial post. This is the first time a Native American has been appointed to the ministry if Deb Holland is approved by the Senate to lead the State Department.

According to the New York Times, the Ministry of the Interior in the United States, compared to European countries, has more regional responsibilities and does not deal with security. Joe Biden’s decision is a historic step for the American people, for the first time involving Native Americans in governing the country.

Deb Holland

Deb Holland is one of only two Indian women to make it to Congress in 2018 (the second indigenous woman in the House of Representatives is Sherris Davids, a Kansas MP). If approved by the Senate, he will oversee 500 million hectares of government land, including national parks, oil and gas drilling sites and habitats for endangered species. His choice along with the choice Michael Reagan For the Environmental Protection Agency, it is one of the latest decisions made by the US President-elect. Like Deb Holland, Michael Reagan will play a key role in Biden’s commitment to protecting the Paris Climate Change Treaty.

Deb Holland will now have more responsibilities for oil and gas drilling; Areas that were opened during the Trump era and allowed to operate. “I am from New Mexico, a state rich in oil and gas resources, and I care about every job and job,” Holland said in a recent interview with the Washington Post. We do not want to go back to normal, do we? We do not want to go back to where we were because this economy has not worked for many people.

On Wednesday, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the Netherlands as one of the most respected and best members of Congress to work with. Biden’s decision comes as the federal government’s relationship with Native American tribes deteriorated during President Donald Trump’s presidency because he revoked their protection.

Commitment to diverse government

Holland, 60, was born in Arizona to a native mother who served in the Navy and a Norwegian father who was an American Marine. Biden remains steadfast in his promise to form a cabinet and a government. Kamala Harris, Biden’s deputy, has an immigrant mother from India, and Nira Tanandan, who was nominated by Biden for director of the Office of Management and Budget, is of Indian descent. Katherine Tai, the daughter of two Taiwanese immigrants, has been chosen by Biden as the US Trade Representative. Other members of the cabinet include Janet Yellen, the first female US Secretary of the Treasury, and Lloyd Austin, the first black American to become Secretary of Defense. Alejandro Majorcas is the first Latin immigrant to head the Department of Homeland Security But choosing an indigenous person as far as the ministry is a big taboo. Historians and tribal leaders say his election marks a turning point in the wounded history of Native Americans.

Deb Holland

“Seeing an Indian emerge from the shadows of American history and sit behind a White House table,” said Elizabeth Cronk Warner, president and professor of law at the University of Utah and a Sri Lankan citizen in Ontario, Canada. it’s too important.” “Tribal relations with governments date back to the eighteenth century, but despite this relationship we have never seen anyone rise to this position in governments,” he added.

The Netherlands is part of the Laguna Pibobello tribe, one of 574 counties identified by the US government that could improve the lives of nearly 2 million Native Americans. The ministry manages Indigenous education and related funds, which can be a great help to Indigenous people who experienced one of the worst times during the Trump era.

For generations, Native Americans have challenged the ministry’s policies and demanded that their voices be heard more. In 1972, for example, about 500 indigenous activists gathered in front of the ministry’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., to protest the low standard of living and the role of the treaties the government had promised. However, the Netherlands was not one of Joe Biden’s first choices. In the early days after being elected by the people, he was thinking of another option, Tom O’Dell, an old friend of his from the Democratic Party who, according to sources close to Biden’s transfer team, had considerable experience in preserving the environment. . But there have been developments in recent weeks, with a coalition of congressional Democrats, Native American Indians and Hollywood celebrities campaigning for Joe Biden to nominate Deb Holland for the post.

For example, actor and environmentalist Mark Ruffalo posted a video on Twitter with tribal leaders urging others to support Deb Holland for the post. The people of Lakota then handed in a leaflet signed by 120 Indian tribal leaders calling for the Netherlands to join the ministry.

The note noted: “No year like 2020 has shown the importance of how the lack of suitable people in positions can hurt the American people.” Meanwhile, Odale, who was Biden’s choice, also joined the pro-Dutch people, and he also called for the presence of the first Indian woman in the post. “No one like him (the Netherlands) can repair the damage that Trump owed in his administration to this sector,” he said in a message. In a message, Holland said that it was an honor for him to work for Biden-Harris. The Netherlands, which made history once in 2018 and entered Congress by popular vote, can now elect another historian in two years and become the first Native American Secretary of State in his homeland.

Deb Holland

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