Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Borjam

Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Borjam

Borjam foreign ministers issued a statement after today’s meeting.

According to ILNA, quoting the EU base, the informal meeting of the members of Borjam ended with the issuance of a statement. In this statement we read:

1. The Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the Members of the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan was held on. December. Online. The meeting was chaired by Joseph Borrell

٢. Borjam members reiterated their efforts to reaffirm their commitment to the agreement. They discussed the need for full and effective implementation of the UN Security Council by all parties and the need to address non-proliferation and commitments to lift sanctions.

٣. Individuals stressed the importance of the Agency’s role as the only independent and impartial international body commissioned by the United Nations Security Council to monitor and review the non-proliferation commitments of the IAEA Board. They stressed the importance of continuing to work in good faith with the Agency.

4. The foreign ministers stressed that the UN Security Council, endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution, remains an important factor in the global non-proliferation regime and an important achievement of multilateral diplomacy that contributes to regional and international peace and security. The ministers expressed deep regret over the US withdrawal from the agreement.

5. The countries announced that they would continue talks to ensure the full implementation of the UN Security Council by all parties. The ministers discussed the possible return of the United States to the UN Security Council and prepared themselves for the return of the United States.