Jokar’s response to slander and sabotage about amending the presidential election law

The head of the commission for internal affairs and councils in the parliament, stating that some about Amendment of the Presidential Election Law He emphasized that the reform of the presidential election law does not mean sewing clothes for the height and size of the candidates, but in this plan, a pattern has been developed in proportion to the size and capacity of the presidency, so that a large number of candidates can be registered. Which do not meet the minimum requirements and cause the vacancy of this position to be prevented, and by formulating the characteristics of the presidency position, the way has been paved for those who are at the level of the presidency to be able to participate in this important field.

Mohammad Saleh Jokar, referring to the questioning of the law reform plan election The president explained in cyberspace and social networks how to formulate the plan: After the adoption of the constitution, the general conditions for the presidency, including political, religious, managerial and resourceful, were considered, so that the criteria were accurate. And to be clear, nothing was done.

He continued: In 2016, according to the constitution, the general election policies were announced by the Supreme Leader. Article 10 of these policies states that the promotion of merit selection along with the appropriate ground in selecting qualified candidates of the Islamic Republic and having characteristics appropriate to the relevant position by precisely determining the criteria and indicators and general and specific conditions of candidates within the framework of the Constitution with emphasis on efficiency Scientific, physical and competence commensurate with the relevant responsibilities and commitment to Islam, the revolution, the Islamic system and the constitution, especially the commitment to Velayat-e-Faqih and moral and economic health.

The representative of the people of Yazd in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: Also in the other paragraph of these policies, it is emphasized that the initial identification of the ability and competence of the candidates in the registration stage should be in appropriate legal ways and appropriate for each election. For this reason, the deputies tried to specify the criteria and indicators that exist on the basis of the constitution in the field of general and specific conditions of the candidates in the draft amendment to the Presidential Election Law.

This MP referred to the opinion Guardian Council , Stated: In the interpretation of the Guardian Council in the field of criteria of presidential candidates, it is stated that sufficient and evaluable records in religious and political activities, sufficient records and can be evaluated in holding certain responsibilities and senior management, health and ability To perform the responsibilities of the presidency, age commensurate with the responsibilities of the presidency, the necessary scientific competence to perform the duties of the presidency, to present programs and executive policies within the competence and powers of the judiciary, to introduce advisors, not to be deprived of social rights and lack Effective criminal record, lack of definitive criminal convictions and economic crimes, non-affiliation with illegal groups and non-conviction for acting against the Islamic Republic, non-affiliation with the previous regime should be considered.

In an interview with Khane Mellat news agency, Jokar emphasized: “In the parliamentary plan, we sought to determine what characteristics, conditions and criteria the presidential candidates should have, and we also sought to provide indicators that are quantitative and measurable.” Be.

The head of the Internal Affairs and Councils Commission in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the process of reviewing the plan to amend the Presidential Election Law in this commission, said: The oversight bodies and members of the commission evaluated the provisions of the plan, approved it and sent it to the court.

He stressed: “We are looking to have a model for the presidential election, so that this model ends up with the candidates who have the necessary characteristics to hold the presidency, in fact, those who are qualified and at the level of the Islamic Revolution, and They can really solve the problems of the people by appearing in the arena of competition, not by the presence of people who are incapable and with beautiful but unattainable slogans and outside the legal duties to get the people’s vote and then to the people, Damage the country and the revolution.

The representative of the people of Yazd stated: Therefore, the model that we have developed is comprehensive, it is not a model that we have applied to an individual, faction or group, but this model will be independent so that groups and individuals can test themselves with it.

He said that some people were reckless and slandered: “We have not dressed for the height and size of the candidates. We have developed a model for the size and capacity of the presidency so that everyone who was at the level of the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran can Be present and active in this field.

He pointed out: “This is a general and macro model, and it is the individuals and candidates who must measure themselves by the model. If their thinking, health, ability were as good as the model and its criteria, they can work in the field of elections.”

Referring to the high number of presidential candidates, the MP continued: “The next point is related to the number of candidates, since the basis of elections in our country is not a party, unlike other countries, we face a large number of candidates in the presidential election.” More than 2,000 to 3,000 people are running, and all of them will be disqualified. This is not a happy event. In order not to witness such a thing, we have set conditions and criteria from the beginning that these people will not be able to register in the elections.

The head of the Internal Affairs Commission and the councils in the parliament stated: “In fact, the executive boards register those who meet the criteria set by the law, and as a result, we will no longer see a large number of candidates because it is not worthy of the Islamic Republic.” In other words, it will erode this position, while the sanctity of the presidential position must be preserved, the people must trust this position and trust the person who will be in this position, and the participation of the people in the elections will increase by reducing the number of presidential candidates. The people are also convinced that the person who will be elected president with their vote will be useful for the system, the revolution and the people in the future, and will be their real servant.