Just one step until the transfer bomb explodes for independence

The transfer of Amin Ghasemi Nejad to Esteghlal has become one of the most important news of winter football transfers in Iran, which despite being unofficial, has almost reached the final stage and is just waiting for a call from Ahmad Madadi, CEO of Esteghlal to attend the club’s office His presence is in the blue.

Ghasemi Nejad attended Esteghlal Club yesterday in a situation where the discussion of his consent led to the conclusion of a contract with him until his official separation from Shahrkhodro and the agreement of the Mashhadis, which has now happened.

A few hours ago, Amin Ghaseminejad personally went to the office of Hamidavi, the owner of Shahr Khodro Club, and in the presence of him and Ali Daryaian, the legal assistant of Shahr Khodro Club, who is also Hamidavi’s personal lawyer, the memorandum was signed by Amin Ghaseminejad with Esteghlal Club. To ease the minds of the fans, the board and Esteghlal Club about the problem of consent and also determining the ownership of Shahr Khodro Club.

Amin Ghasemi Nejad has been waiting for the finalization of his contract with Esteghlal Club for 27 days, and after he went to the club yesterday in the presence of the CEO and members of the board, due to the unclear ownership status of Shahr Khodro Club announced by the Football Federation, After having fun with the board members and the managing director, he left Esteghlal Club to finalize his separation from Mashhad today.

The amount of Ghasemi Nejad’s consent was prepared by the board of directors of Esteghlal Club, and considering that there are only two days left until the end of the transfer deadline, this player is just waiting for Madadi, the CEO of Esteghlal Club, to go to the club and finalize his contract.

The initial negotiations for concluding Ghasemi Nejad’s contract with Esteghlal have been finalized, and only with Ahmad Madadi contacting the player, the meeting will end with his contract, so that the expected transfer of the team’s fans can take place.

In recent days, Farhad Majidi and Esteghlal’s technical staff have wanted to hire this player, and during this time, they were aware of his separation from Shahrkhodro and his contract with Esteghlal.

According to Amin Ghasemi Nejad in his recent interview, he has reached an agreement with Esteghlal Club with 60% of the amount offered by other teams and is on the verge of signing a final contract.