Justice payers dividend payment time announced + new details

Profit Justice shares It will be paid indirectly by the end of the year. Justice shares It was considered for the people during Ahmadinejad’s government.Justice shares It is not specific to a specific group.Justice shares Initially, the share was 1,000,000 million Tomans, which over time became 500 units. Justice shares It was not for sale at first.

Justice shares

Akbar Heydari said: “Among the benefits of choosing the indirect method of justice shares, the method of paying the annual dividends of companies is integrated. People who have chosen the direct method should refer to 36 listed companies to receive dividends and be informed how to receive their profits.”

He continued: Due to the presence of a large number of micro shareholders in the capital market, 14 listed companies approved to pay dividends through the SJAM system.

The spokesman of the provincial investment companies of Adalat shares said: the provincial investment companies will collect the profits of 36 listed companies and in a consolidated form, the profits will be transferred to the shareholders’ accounts.

He added: “Shareholders who have chosen the indirect method do not need any special action to receive their dividends.”

Heidari added: “Investable companies determine the amount and manner of dividend distribution in their annual meetings and have 8 months to implement the dividend payment mechanism to shareholders.”

He said: “According to the approval of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, it was decided that the profits of 36 investable companies be paid by the provincial companies in a lump sum and without the need for public consultation.”

The spokesman for the provincial equity investment companies added: “The dividends of the companies for the fiscal year were paid regularly in the same year and to pay the dividends of the 98 companies, we are interacting with the privatization organization to sign a memorandum of understanding from the equity system.” Be used in paying interest.

He continued: “In the justice stock system, there is an account number of individuals and there is no need for new action to receive dividends.”

Heidari said: “Due to the growth of the capital market, the volume of dividends paid will also increase.”

He added: “Due to the provision of the infrastructure of the justice stock system for the payment of dividends, the dividends of the justice of the people who chose the indirect method will be paid by the end of the year.”

Justice shares

Regarding the holding of meetings of provincial investment companies, Heydari said: “Justice stock cooperatives are the legal representatives of shareholders who have chosen the indirect method and attend the meetings, but because the shareholders of these companies are very large, some believe that the meetings are held electronically.” Be.

A spokesman for the provincial equity investment companies added: “Given that about 3.5 million households do not have access to the smallest infrastructure, such as mobile phones and the Internet, if they insist on holding meetings of provincial investment companies electronically, these people will be wronged.” .

It is worth mentioning that 19 million justice shareholders chose the direct method and 30 million indirect methods chose to manage their shares.