Justice Shareholders Read / Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Justice Shares

Mojgan Safari Moghaddam, quoting Iran’s OTC communications management, said that the 1569 census is related to the capital market stakeholders’ call center, which was set up at the Central Depository Company earlier this year. “Shareholders to answer their questions about dividend payments through SJAM system, justice stock questions, electronic assemblies, etc. can contact this center 7 days a week and ask their questions with experts and receive answers.

He pointed out that the shareholders of justice had the opportunity to choose two direct and indirect methods to sell justice shares until the end of July, adding: “After the mentioned period, it was no longer possible to change any of these methods and about 41% of justice shareholders They chose direct in this regard.

According to Safari Moghaddam, at the beginning of the period when it was possible to sell justice shares directly, we faced an increase in selling pressure from shareholders, which gradually became slower and slower.

The director of the call center of the Central Depository Company also said about the direct and indirect method of depositing justice shares: in the direct method, people should refer to the justice shares website at sahamedalat.ir to get their identity information about when the justice shares belonged to them. To update and thus announce the contact number in their name and the night number.

Safari Moghaddam, pointing out that many problems related to the impossibility of selling justice shares and not depositing them in the next steps are due to announcing the incorrect Shaba number in the system, continued: In any case, justice shareholders must sell part of their shares , Select the brokerage company that received the stock exchange code as the supervising broker, and if they are unaware of this issue, they can call the internal number 1569 so that the experts of the call center of the Central Depository Company can provide the necessary instructions to inform them of the supervising broker. Do.

He added: “In the indirect method, shareholders must register in the SJAM system (integrated portal of capital market stakeholders) and be electronically authenticated and receive a stock exchange code so that they can sell their justice shares.”

Safari Moghaddam reminded that there is a difference between registering a sale order and selling Justice shares. Registration of an order will eventually lead to the sale of shares if the previous steps, including authentication, providing contact number information and a person’s identity, are done correctly in the system. And after the sale of the shares, in less than a week, the deposit will be made to the person’s Shaba number.