Kayhan interesting question from Hassan Rouhani’s deputy

Kayhan: Ms. Laia Junidi in an interview with Hamshahri newspaper and on the question of whether the defense of people’s rights includes Borjam? He said: “Yes, if the law is based on an international document for Iran, it is also part of public property. About this process, we, the entire legal organization of the government, filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice, this is the public right of the nation.” We all stood together in the government legal apparatus and apparatuses, the same day that Trump left Burjam we had a back-to-back meeting here on what to do and wrote a list of lawsuits, some of which came up, one of which was the proposal And of course all the other devices came with it.

He adds: “Borjam is a document that this government (of course, the eleventh government) has gone after and written it. It is not perfect. Or not? Today, I say in my own assessment, it’s better, this is in the public interest, there is nothing wrong with criticizing each other to some extent, but let us remember that we must demand our maximum rights in international negotiations. So let’s maintain the position and position of criticism and raise and accept the problems. But at the same time, we must create a reasonable environment in which we can maximize the benefits for the country and the people based on the negotiations and interactions that may take place. This requires political rationality and maturity.

Regarding the anti-sanctions resolution of the parliament, he claimed with illegal and political literature that “the government is obliged and entitled (!) To implement this law like all other laws with an interpretation in accordance with the constitution”!

This statement comes at a time when, first, Burjam is a well-documented document in terms of its judicial credibility and ability to be prosecuted in international courts, and for this reason it has been trampled on by both the Obama administration and the Trump administration over the past five years. So the first criticism of the Vice President for Legal Affairs is why he did not see and warn the big holes of Borjam?

Secondly, the lifting of sanctions is definitely the right of the Iranian people, but the reality is that as a result of the negotiation and implementation of the agreement, not only were sanctions not lifted in exchange for the cessation or suspension of 95% of Iran’s nuclear program, but multiplied by new sanctions by Democrats and Republicans.

Thirdly, if negotiations were to take place in order for the rights of the Iranian people to be realized, they had to take place for two years and should have been pursued at the time the agreement was drafted or after its incomplete implementation, not now sending new impulses.

Fourthly, according to the explicit text of the Constitution, the interpretation of the Constitution is exclusively within the competence of the Guardian Council and the interpretation of the laws passed by the Assembly is exclusively within the competence of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. It is illegal and void, and it smells of authoritarianism and, of course, has the potential to be prosecuted politically and politically in the judiciary and parliament.

Finally, not long ago, Ms. Junidi, in justifying Mr. Rouhani’s unrealistic election promises, said, “Do you have elections without promises in the world?” Then there will be no more elections! Can you say I am running in the elections but I can’t do anything special? “Every president should say the same!”