Kerman Niroo, producer of cable trays

Cable tray, an industrial equipment whose use is increasing today and we see its uses in most places such as companies, factories, etc. Therefore, the companies producing cable trays are also increasing in this regard, and it is possible that it will be difficult for buyers to buy cable trays and their accessories from the manufacturing companies, because all these companies try to make durable and durable products. Produce and market quality. but do not worry! In this article, we are going to introduce one of the cable tray manufacturing companies and review the products of this company.

Introduction of Kerman Niroo, manufacturer of various types of galvanized cable trays

Kerman Niroo; This industrial group was established in late 1991, whose main activity is the production of cable trays and steel steel pipes. Also, distributing all kinds of distribution boxes and keys and all fittings and sleeping floors, key boxes are other activities of this industrial group. With the help of God Almighty, this complex has always tried to provide the best products and services for development and help the construction industry and construction projects, a step to achieve self-sufficiency and independence in the production and construction of construction equipment and without the need for Aliens removed. In this regard, there are companies that we have had the honor of cooperating with from all over the country over the years. Among these companies, we can mention Pars Fidar Paydar, Carmania and Satrap, Ramtin Tower and project companies in various petrochemical sites (Assaluyeh) and Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.

Also among the products manufactured by the company must produce a variety Galvanized cable tray, production of electrical steel pipes (hot and cold), production of galvanized switch boxes and metal switch boxes, rails and fork clamps And production of all kinds Galvanized and aluminum splitter box Mentioned. In the following, we will review each of these products.

Familiarity with Kerman Niroo products along with their efficiency

What is a cable tray?

One of the most widely used and simple technologies that we see today is the use of cable trays, and the important task of this equipment is to deliver electricity from electrical panels to devices in industrial factories and electrify them, regular arrangement of cables Next to each other and protect electrical wires and cables. And obviously every contractor and builder knows that the most important cost control factor in most electrical projects is to reduce overall installed costs. Therefore, minimizing labor requirements, adopting products that are installed faster, and choosing the right wiring system can play an important role in reducing costs. Using a cable tray can be the best way to reduce costs. Among the parts of cable tray, we can name the knee of cable tray, galvanized cable tray support, three-way and four-way cable tray, galvanized cable tray and conversion and ladder of galvanized cable tray, cable tray connector, etc.

Familiarity with electric steel pipe and its efficiency

Electric steel pipes are used to protect and maintain wires and cables along the wiring and cabling route, and one of the important advantages of electric steel pipes is their ease of forming, which means that heavy cold pipes can be easily laid. Bend as much as desired using the bending machine. Types of steel pipes include hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and black steel steel pipe.

Brief introduction of clamps and fork rails

This type of equipment is made of galvanized material and is produced and marketed in two types, cold and hot, with a length of 1 meter branches. As its name suggests, its base is fastened to the rail with a rake and fastened to the rail, and a cable or pipe of the same size is inserted into the clamp connected to the rail, then fastened by a regulating screw on top of the clamp. Fork clamps with clamps at the bottom cause them to be hooked to the rail. And one of the most important advantages of rails and fork clamps is that they make it easy to access the cables.

Production of galvanized cable tray

Everything you need to know about flexible electrical pipes

Flexible hoses are used to carry antenna cables or CCTV cameras, such as Cat6 and cat5 cables. They are covered with PVC, which prevents the penetration of water, dust and to some extent heat transfer. If the environment is free of water and dust, it is recommended to use unladen flexible pipes to reduce costs. Flexible power hose pipe has different models, one of which is called metal hose pipe or flexi pipe, which with its flexible and metal shape can be used to cover and protect cables, power wires and networks. To be placed.

The result is that

Kerman Niroo Industrial Group with more than 6 years of experience in the production of cable trays, steel pipes, key boxes and distribution boxes is ready to cooperate with dear compatriots. And the most important goal of this collection is customer satisfaction and development of our beloved country Iran.