Kurdistan banks were closed for 10 days

Ali Ashraf Yousefi Ghiyasi stated: Based on the approval of the Corona Disease Management Headquarters of the province and in order to prevent the spread of this disease and cut its transmission chain, the decision was made to close the banks of the province for 10 days.

He added: “In order to provide optimal services to customers and prevent citizens’ dissatisfaction, measures are envisaged that will be done in the branches of all banks in the province. Of course, people can use the banking network to do their work through offline services.”

The head of the Coordination Council of Banks of Kurdistan Province added: to answer the questions and questions of customers, the colleagues of the on-duty branches in related and required departments such as management, inspection, informatics, accounting, treasury and operations in the management headquarters of banks in the province from 9 to They are on duty at 12 in the morning.

Yousefi Ghiyasi pointed out that the contact number of the banks’ headquarters management is also responsible for customers and citizens, and reminded that checks with account balance should be passed through the Chekavok system.

He emphasized: Checks without the necessary inventory will be returned without action and a return certificate will not be issued during this period.

The head of the Coordination Council of Banks of Kurdistan Province said: all ATMs are charged and invested daily and through the monetary supervisor of the province, new banknotes are provided with large amounts in these devices.

Yousefi Ghiyasi, noting that the payment of warnings and text messages to all debtors and their guarantors will be refused during this period, added: the banks of the province will forgive the 6% penalty for delaying the participation facilities that are due in this period.

He pointed out: Due to the active systems and portals of electronic services of the province’s banks, it is necessary for customers and citizens to carry out their banking activities in this way.

The head of the Coordination Council of Banks of Kurdistan Province added: “Supervision of managers on the proper implementation of the approvals of the Corona Headquarters and the observance of health protocols in providing banking services to customers is mandatory.”

Source: ISNA