Laleh Eskandari awkward shirt abroad + photo

Laleh Eskandari He confirmed the news of his coronation by publishing a photo of himself. In his first reaction after his coronation, Laleh Eskandari said: “I ask people to take the corona seriously and worry more about my friends and colleagues in my series. After the coronation of Mohammad Reza Golzar and Navid Mohammadzadeh, Laleh Eskandari’s corona test was also positive.


In his first interview after his coronation, Eskandari told Tasnim: “I took the test last night and they said it would be ready this afternoon. Most of my worries are with friends and colleagues I worked with unaware of having a corona.

He emphasized: “I have really taken the most care, both on stage and outside the filming area, but it is not clear whether the people we are dealing with have the disease or not.” And many are carriers of the corona and do not even know it. I also wrote on my personal page that the armor did not work and unfortunately I found out that the corona test was positive.

Eskandari, noting that I urge people to take the corona more seriously, added: “People have always been kind to us and have been concerned about our situation.” I urge people to take the corona more seriously; If I had posted, it would have been more to take people seriously. Otherwise I would never have wanted to upset anyone.

The film and television actor commented on being quarantined at home or hospitalized: “I have now seen an infectious disease doctor to learn how to go through the treatment process. Many of our colleagues, such as Mohammad Reza Golzar and Navid Mohammadzadeh, and other friends have had coronary heart disease, and we need to take it more seriously. It is not unreasonable and absolutely true to say that you should not be in crowds and gatherings.

Eskandari said: “Statistics show that the actors have won the most.” Most of our friends were at work, and even though health protocols were followed, it still happened. We informed so that more people would take the corona seriously.

“Celebration of Sarbron” currently continues without Laleh Eskandari

For further follow-up, we also went to Hassan Najarian, the producer of the series, and he informed us about more precautionary measures and said: “It is very sad that Ms. Laleh Eskandari has been infected with corona.” She has the role of Bibi Bekta in the series and it is a very important and effective role, but we have to film scenes without her right now so that they can return to health. From tomorrow, we will have more precautionary work on our agenda so that our artists can continue their work in good health.

According to Tasnim, the series “Jashn Sarborun” is a 30-episode series produced by Hassan Najarian and directed by Mojtaba Rai. This collection deals with the narrative of the pre-constitutional era. The summary of the story of “Jashn Sarbron” states: Bahadur, the Kadkhoda of the Pusan ​​tribe, has a long-standing rivalry and opposition with the Kadkhoda of the neighboring “Sarkho” tribe. The fire of resentment has been extinguished for some time, until Sarkho comes to the world with confidence to propose to a beautiful and young Bahador girl. Unaware that the cosmopolitan is about to marry her cousin some time later. Bahador strongly opposes this connection. Old wounds open. Both tribes support Kadkhoda. The conflict escalates and Bahador begins a major effort.

Hossein Mahjoub, Mahmoud Pakunit, Laleh Eskandari, Farrokh Nemati, Ghasem Zare, Dariush Kardan, Mirtaher Mazloumi, Ramin Naser Nasir, Mehdi Faghih, Karim Akbari Mobarakeh, Sadruddin Hejazi, Biokumirzaei, Mehran Nail, Javad Ghamideh, Parvaz Bozrami, Ebrahim , Ali Javidfar, Mohammad Hajjosseini, Farshid Samadipour, Mohammad Reza Rad, Hassan Mahmoudi, Mojtaba Vashian, Amir Kasarnejad, Saqi Asgari, Sara Ashtari, Amir Zemstani, Soodabeh Alipour, Nejat Ali Moradi, Siamak Helmi, Armin Turkmandi, Ali Hassab Naseri, Ali Hassab Naseri Najarian, Zahra Boroumand, Ayub Deman, Amir Nadafar, Abbas Barari, Reza Darmokzin, Abolfazl Haji Alikhani, Majid Yarahmadi, Mehran Hadi, Javad Aqbatubin, Hassan Zare, Mahmoud Reza Bahrami, Ali Atai, Siamak Nazari, Morteza Sattarpour, Mohammad , Sajjad Momeni, Reza Sidi are the actors of this TV series.