Latest information on Nowruz trips / Night traffic on the roads is prohibited?

According to Tejarat News, travel to 40 cities with red and orange status has been banned so far, according to the decree of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters. The amount of the fine is one million tomans in the red cities and 500,000 tomans in the orange cities.

Also, night traffic restrictions are implemented in all cities of the country. This means that cars that travel in the city from 9 pm to 3 am will be fined. The night traffic ban applies to all cities, not just red and orange.

In other words, the night traffic ban will be enforced from 9 pm to 3 am throughout Nowruz and in all cities of the country, including cities with red, orange, yellow and blue status, but this ban will not be enforced on the roads. This means that road traffic is allowed at any time of the day and night and is not subject to fines.

Also, according to the traffic police, the owners of private cars should not enter the forbidden cities during their journey and only cross the belt of these cities or the path specified by the police in order not to be fined.

“We will also implement the notifications, and if the number of cities with red or orange status changes, the police will also, depending on the number of cities with red or orange status,” said Rahoor Naja Deputy Police Chief, stating that no other restrictions have been announced for travel to other cities. We will take action on the situation in the cities.