Latest news about the Iranian Corona vaccine from the Minister of Health

Saeed Namaki, Minister of Health In a live TV interview, he stated: Fortunately, the plan Shahid Soleimani Formed with the support of various organizations, it was welcomed by the people and had many great achievements. Last week was a bitter week for the world and the death toll was high in the United States and Europe. The United States experienced more than 3,500 deaths and fortunately our country is a commendable achievement. Our death toll has dropped dramatically today, and I hope the death toll will reach double digits in the coming days.

He said: “We express our concerns, every orange area that turns yellow, our concern for health protocols increases, we hope the colors turn yellow to white, 4 new red dots have been created in Mazandaran province and our colleagues are working They can contain this new wave in these cities.

The Minister of Health continued: “Vaccine supply is being provided in various ways and people should not get involved in marginal issues. You should hear the news of the vaccine properly from the Minister of Health. From the first day of the outbreak of the disease in China, we announced the news correctly.” , We have been sending a team for a long time to examine the wise priorities of vaccine injection for different groups, and today we know who is the priority, as soon as the vaccine is injected into high-risk people, fortunately the situation of people who have been vaccinated is appropriate. Is

Namaki said: “Our colleagues are negotiating to start joint production of the vaccine with another country and phase three of clinical trials on humans at the Pasteur Institute will begin on this vaccine from February, and we hope that the Iranian corona vaccine will reach the people by Nowruz.”