Latest news on teacher ranking financing

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Tasnim, Ali Al-Hiyar Turkman stated about financing the ranking of cultural figures from the place of selling shares in the 1400 budget: This is not the case! Selling stocks and bonds is one of the ways of financing the government, that is, it is done and the amount enters the country’s revenues, we receive the teacher ranking money based on the rows and notes we have, and we do not care where this money comes from!

Regarding the statistics of education manpower and the difference of about 100,000 people between the statistics of the Program and Budget Organization and the statistics of the Ministry of Education, he said: The reason for the difference is that we announce the statistics of formal and contracted forces, Announces contract, contract and company, what is the criterion for providing us in the first chapter is cost credits and we have to pay the official and contract forces from this place, and pay the contract employees from Chapter 2, so the number of people who have employee ID and There are 880,000 names of them in the Iranian employee system.