Latest status of Abadani girl beating case + details

The prosecutor of Abadan said: in order to complete the investigation into the recent incident in this city, the prosecutor of the seventh branch of the Abadan prosecutor’s office has summoned one of the oil company personnel and his brother to investigate the beating of the young girl by them.

Hamid Maranipour, Abadan Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor, referring to the summoning of the staff of the Abadan Oil Company following the recent incident in Abadan, said: The veracity of the allegation that the young girl was beaten by them has been acted upon.

He stated: “Currently, one of the CCTV cameras stationed at the scene of the accident has been provided to the relevant authorities to retrieve information, and as soon as we receive the information contained in it, we will continue additional investigations.”

The Abadan prosecutor said: “At no time before has a complaint been filed by that young girl against these employees of the oil company in the judicial system, and only in May of this year, this young girl filed a complaint against a person who was her friend.” The property was listed in the Second Judicial Branch of the Abadan Prosecutor’s Office.

He added: “This woman, who was beaten, has been referred to forensic medicine.”

Maranipour emphasized: this lady has complained about these personnel of the oil company due to the recent incident, and the judiciary will seriously and specifically investigate the mentioned complaint and the case.

Khuzestan Justice: The action of the guard of the town was inappropriate

Hojjatoleslam Moradi, Chief Justice of Khuzestan, said: “A woman goes to her house because of an old dispute and also financial settlement with one of the staff of the oil company.” The woman, who also had incendiary materials and some acid with her, used a sharp knife as a threat at the beginning of the fight with the residents.

He continued by stating that “this lady’s brother was also advised by this person to get a job and was recently fired, and this issue was also one of the issues of the conflict.” In this conflict, the landlady also mutually injured the woman. The case of the parties has been done.

Moradi pointed out: According to this lady, there are other issues that are being investigated. The guard, who did a very bad job in this regard, was arrested and sent to prison.

The Chief Justice of Khuzestan also said: “This case is being considered in a special way.”

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