Leaked film about the relationship between Mohammad Reza Golzar and Sara Bayat

Mohammad Reza golzar Mohammad Reza Golzar is one of the good superstars and actors of cinema and he has many fans. Golzar has recently become more popular by playing in the romantic series.

Unfortunately, some cyberspace users and members of social networks, without having sufficient and correct information about a subject and with the slightest speculation, start spreading rumors about famous personalities of cinema and television. Actor of Manouchehr Hadi romantic series; Sarah Bayat And Mohammad Reza golzar Released .

It’s been a while From Rumors about the marriage of cinema actress Sara Bayat were spread on virtual networks That Sometimes Mohammad Reza Golzar’s son-in-law was introduced And Sometimes, Ehsan Alikhani again spread rumors about the private life of an actor.

There are a few days That There are articles about Sarah Bayat’s marriage in some From Virtual network pages are claimed That This actor with Mohammad Reza golzar And Or Ehsan Alikhani is married.

But the reality is, miles away from virtual network rumors. Sarah Bayat He showed a sharp reaction to this issue by publishing a post on Instagram. This actor wrote; Strong human beings, on the path to excellence And Dynamics, move forward And They continue their lives carelessly to the absurd opinions of others.

They enjoy their way of life And They enjoy. They throw And Bad people smile And They always do their job. Know to comment on small people And The patient has no effect on the life of the elders. So keep your head in your life And Do not interfere in your larger work That It is useless.

Mohammad Reza Golzar Poule, the most instrumental actor in Iranian cinema

For years, whenever the word superstar is heard in Iran, the first name that comes to mind subconsciously is Mohammad Reza Golzar. Mohammad Reza Golzar is a successful Iranian actor, singer, musician and model. Special type and style has many fans. He is the most popular Iranian actor in cyberspace, including Instagram.

Some consider him the most expensive Iranian actor. But who does not know that this expensive actor has been the most lucrative actor in Iranian cinema for nearly two decades. Among male actors, Golzar has played with Elnaz Shakerdoost and Mahnaz Afshar, along with Amin Hayaei and female artists, and has formed acquaintance couples.

Mohammad Reza Golzar was born on the first day of the spring of “Farvardin” 1977 in Tehran. He is of Azeri origin and his father is one of the well-known rich people of Tabriz. Mohammad Reza is the third child in the family. Alireza and Atosa are the names of his older sister and brother and Berdia is his younger brother. Education has been one of the important issues of Golzar family. His older father and brother are both engineers, his younger brother and sister are translators of English and German.

Mohammad Reza, as you are aware, did not go to any of them and chose art. When he started art, he faced opposition. Of course, it goes without saying that Mohammad Reza Golzar has always been the first student of the school and the district until the third year of high school. Only in the previous academic year, when he sat down with experimental students in his “non-specialized field” for the love of a doctorate, could he not be a first-year student.

Unfortunately or fortunately, he did not get an acceptable grade in the experimental entrance exam and went to South Tehran Azad University to study mechanical engineering. Interestingly, in his early years, Mr. Superstar did not pay any attention to the art world or at least to study in the field of art. Mohammad Reza Golzar says: 12 years from elementary school to the end of high school, all I thought about was studying and playing sports.