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Elnaz Habibi wrote: We have nothing to do with each other کار

Believe me, every single person is injured…


It has its own pain

It has its own concerns

It has its own occupation

believe it…

Minds are tired

Hearts are wounded

Languages ​​are closed


Wish for others

The best

Make it comfortable


We are all lost

Let’s help each other

To make life enjoyable for us ..

People do not grow old slowly.

People in an instant ..

With a phone…

In one sentence…

At a glance… with an event….

With one not coming ..

By late arrival.

By “we have to go” ..

And with “finish” they get old

People do not grow old for a moment ..

People grow old.

Let’s try to have more air in each other’s hearts.

Let’s not make each other old

Elnaz Habibi is a famous Iranian actress who was born on August 12, 1967 in Tehran. He appeared in the serials “Chimney”, “Great Pains”, “On the Way”, “Padri” and “.”. He was born into a family of six and has lost his mother in recent years.

Biography of Elnaz Habibi

Elnaz Habibi was born on August 12, 1989 in Tehran. She is a film and television actress and a student of editing. He played theater as a child. In 1999, he started cooperating with the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents. So far, he has acted in several TV series and movies.Elnaz Habibi

Elnaz Habibi Cinemas:

Emad and Touba Romanticism (1398)

پیتوک (1398)

Pig gene (1397)

Female Enemy (1396)

Unwanted (1٣٩6 movie)

Don’t be embarrassed (1396)

Eclipse (1395)

Spare parts (1394)

Unwanted (1392)

Mixed pizza (1389)

Monsoon Season (2009)

Elnaz Habibi

Elnaz Habibi TV series:

2007 Appropriate times

1389 Distances

2011 Five kilometers to heaven

1390 30th day

1390 to Soraya

1390 Edge of Fire

1391 Forgetting

1391 for Mona

1392 Chimney 1

1393 Great pains

2014 سربه ره

1394 Great pains 2

1395–96 Nurses

1396-1397 سارق روح

1397 دلدار

Elnaz Habibi