Leaked photo of Sara Bayat and Mohammad Reza Golzar

One of these rumors is related to the relationship between Sarah Bayat and Mohammad Reza golzar Is. It is published with different headlines about Sara Bayat and Mohammad Reza Golzar, which is not true. Mohammad Reza Golzar was born on April 1, 1977 in Tehran. Today, he has become one of the most popular figures in Iranian cinema, regardless of any discussion or criticism.

He became interested in volleyball before starting his artistic career and started playing in several teams.

Unfortunately, some cyberspace users and members of social networks, without having sufficient and correct information about a subject and with the slightest speculation, start spreading rumors about famous personalities of cinema and television. Actor of Manouchehr Hadi romantic series; Sarah Bayat And Mohammad Reza golzar Released .

It’s been a while From Rumors about the marriage of cinema actress Sara Bayat were spread on virtual networks That Sometimes Mohammad Reza Golzar’s son-in-law was introduced And Sometimes, Ehsan Alikhani again spread rumors about the private life of an actor.

There are a few days That There are articles about Sarah Bayat’s marriage in some From Virtual network pages are claimed That This actor with Mohammad Reza golzar And Or Ehsan Alikhani is married.

But the reality is, miles away from virtual network rumors. Sarah Bayat He showed a sharp reaction to this issue by publishing a post on Instagram. This actor wrote; Strong human beings, on the path to excellence And Dynamics, move forward And They continue their lives carelessly to the absurd opinions of others.

They enjoy their way of life And They enjoy. They throw And Bad people smile And They always do their job. Know to comment on small people And The patient has no effect on the life of the elders. So keep your head in your life And Do not interfere in your larger work That It is useless.

We live our lives And You are just wasting time. It’s probably time That Let’s be a little realistic And Although That Definitely talking to a few unemployed people. With respect to my unique fans That I love you dearly.

Mohammad Reza Golzar’s biography states: This actor was 23 years old when Iraj Ghaderi chose him to play in the movie Sam and Narges, and this was the beginning of his entry into Wadi Cinema.

Mohammad Reza Golzar’s activities in the field of music

Of course, Mohammad Reza Golzar’s activity in the field of music cannot be ignored; According to Mohammad Reza Golzar’s biography, he was a guitarist in the “Arian” group, and the continuation of this path led to the establishment of the Darkoob group with and then the Rizar group (abbreviated to Mohammad Reza Golzar) and the holding of several concerts in different periods.

Filmography of Mohammad Reza Golzar

Mohammad Reza Golzar’s career and biography show a long list of movies.

Playing in movies such as “The Last Supper”, “Zamaneh”, “Above the City Down Town”, “Honey Poison”, “Black Eyes”, “Coma”, “Thirteen Cats on the Roof”, “Boutique”, “Ice Flower” , “Wedding Dinner”, “Ceasefire”, “Trap”, “Crow”, “Forced Success”, “Mad Lily”, “Two Sisters”, “Democracy in broad daylight”, “Shish and Bash”, “In “Along the City”, “You and Me”, “Lady of the Moon”, “I Want”, “Mother of the Atomic Heart”, “Drought and Lies”, “Hello Bombay” are some of Mohammad Reza Golzar’s acting experiences. In the Bombay movie “Sala Mirza”, she played the role of Mohammad Reza Golzar’s wife.