Leila Blockat and Behnoosh Tabatabai’s awkward hijab in the cafe + photo

Behnoosh Tabatabai Our country’s film and television actor was born on May 17, 1981 in Yousefabad, Tehran. Behnoosh Tabatabai, who was interested in acting since childhood, continued his education until his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Behnoosh Tabatabai studied acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran Passed.


Behnoosh Tabatabai has a sister to Tinoush and two nieces who are very interested in them. A picture of Behnoosh Tabatabai’s parents in Kurdish clothes has been shared on the actress’s page.

Behnoosh Tabatabai and Mehdi Pakdel were one of the artist couples whose life together ended after a few years of separation. The acquaintance of these two artists dates back to 1985 and their role in the film Miss Maiden.

The artist couple started living together in March of 1989, but this life did not last for more than a few years, and the couple announced their separation in 1995 through the media.

Behnoosh Tabatabai started acting in 1977 with Younes TV series and became known among the people by playing in various TV series. The actress played a role in various series after starring in Younes, but her role in series such as Traveler from India, Lost Love, Flying Cocoons, Tropical Flowers, Along the Zayandeh River and Mikael became more and more popular. .

The Sufferings of the Maiden and the Brick Boys are Behnoosh Tabatabai’s first feature films in 1985, which were the prelude to his later games in the art world.

Behnoosh Tabatabai, a well-known actor, became interested in acting these days from his childhood in cinema and television, and in fact, seeing Mehraveh Sharifi Nia sparked his acting.

Mehraveh Sharifi Nia Behnoush Tabatabai was an elementary classmate, and Behnoush became interested in acting after seeing Mehraveh’s acting charms and the photos he showed to his classmates, and made this important decision to enter the world of acting as a child.

Behnoosh Tabatabai is very interested in exercising and in his spare time, in addition to reading books, he exercises and spends a professional period under the supervision of a coach. This calm and patient actor is very fond of animals and also has a domestic cat named Tangerine.

In the continuation of this article, we will introduce the names of Behnoosh Tabatabai’s movies and serials.

Behnoosh Tabatabai’s movies

Nimroz Story: Blood Trail (1397)

غلامرضا تختی (1397)

Lobby (1395)

Smoked under the roof (1395)

Cyanide (1394)

Chance, Love, Accident (1393)

My Father’s Love Story (1391)

Steps of Mania (1391)

Freeway (1389)

Banana peel (1387)

Crow feathers (1386)

Brick Boys (1385)

Miss Misery (1385)

Behnoosh Tabatabai in the movie The Story of Nimroz 2

TV series Behnoosh Tabatabai

1998 Younes (Mohammad Reza Khaleghi)

1999 Damon Alley (Abbas Ranjbar)

2002 Neorus (Bijan Mirbagheri)

2003 Traveler from India (Qasem Jafari)

2004 Lost Love (Hossein Soheilizadeh)

2005 Flying Cocoons (Hossein Soheilizadeh)

2008 Tropical Flowers (Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour)

1388 Chardivari (Sirus Moghaddam)

2010 On the Zayandeh River (Hassan Fathi)

1389 Mokhtarnameh (Davood Mirbagheri)

Forgotten 1390 (Fereydoun Hassanpour)

1394 Michael (Sirus Moghaddam)