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According to Eqtesadnews, Iraj Haririchi, Deputy Minister of Health, congratulated the nurses on the day and said: “In corona, nurses give their lives to save the lives of Iranians. Our request is to take care of nurses and to observe health tips to protect our health and the lives of nurses and doctors.” .

He added: “Corona death had reached Channel 50 and now we have been experiencing the death of less than 2 people for 2 days and we have reached more than 5,000 coronary patients and fortunately the coronation and outpatient statistics have significantly decreased. And I thank the people because the key to success in corona control measures is the people.

The Deputy Minister of Health said: “Fortunately, the observance of the instructions reached over 6 and the guilds and private companies and government departments and officials and the IRGC and Basij had good cooperation and the health defenders and the Minister of Health and the forces of the Ministry of Health worked hard.”

Saying that the golden key to controlling the corona is Shahid Soleimani’s plan, he said: “The Minister of Health always has the allegory that we may score in the 90th minute, but this does not mean that we are now in the 90th minute and we may be in the 9th minute of the game.”

He continued: “A significant percentage of people in Iran and the world were exposed to the disease and the recovered are exposed to the disease, and this is a misconception and dangerous not to be infected, while this is not true and we had a doctor who had not been infected for 2 months.” He was infected and lost his life this month, and no country in the next three to six months, even with a vaccine, can declare that we should not follow the guidelines.

Haririchi said: “A person who takes a corona is not a sin and should not stigmatize a coronary patient. In many cases, those around him have been reckless and the person is infected. Sometimes when the health forces or the Basij go to the family of the infected person, they announce why you came to us.” People should cooperate and everyone who was identified should be happy that his illness has not been diagnosed in a serious condition and that the person can take care of his family members.

Haririchi said: “Other diseases not only did not decrease during the coronation, but may have increased or at least as much as before the coronation, and by the order of the Minister of Health, coronary and non-coronary clinics are separated and people should go to these centers with peace of mind and worry We have cardiovascular disease and cancer, and in Western Europe cancer deaths have increased by 25%.

Haririchi said: “If 25% of people wear masks, we will die in the next three and a half months and around April. We will reach the death of 5 Croons. If 60% to 6% of people wear masks, we will reach 50 to 60 Kronas in April.” Iran is in the second place in the world and Belgium and France are in the first places.

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The infrastructure of the health system needs to be reviewed

Explaining the situation in the country, Haririchi, Deputy Minister of Health, said: “In the third courier, we had reached 50 and the number of hospitalizations had reached 6,000. In West Azerbaijan, there was good resistance in the first and second couriers, but in the courier.” Third, the situation was worse than the national average, with an average hospitalization per 1,000 people.

He added: “In the first peak of coronary heart disease, Tehran, the average number of coronary patients admitted to the population was 3 per thousand, and in the next peaks, it reached 6.5, and now the disease in Corona is declining.”

Haririchi said: the tropical provinces in the south of the country did not have a corona peak in March, and in the summer, due to the accumulation in a closed environment, the number of hospitalizations reached more than 4,000 people. do. There were three peaks in Sistan and Baluchestan, but the hospitalization rate did not reach 1.5 per 1,000, compared to the national average of 6 per 1,000.

The Deputy Minister of Health said: Fars, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and West Azerbaijan performed the corona test twice as much as the national average, and in Fars they had a light second peak and quickly controlled the third peak.

Haririchi stated: The rate of hospitalization in the first peak of Corona in Qom reached 15. In the third peak, the rate of hospitalization reached 1.5 and the disease trend in this province is declining. In Gilan, the number of hospitalizations in the first peak of Corona reached 4,000 people, and now the disease trend in this province is declining.

The Deputy Minister of Health continued: Yazd in the first courier of Corona, the number of hospitalizations was 4 per 4,000 people and the number of hospitalizations in the third courier reached 1.5 and now this number has reached 6.5. The only province with a slight upward trend is Mazandaran, and Gulogah and Amol are in danger, and one of the reasons is the return of villagers to urban areas and periods.

Haririchi said: “The rate of coronary heart disease has reached 24,000 per day and now we are witnessing a 60% reduction in coronary mortality, and any normalization, tolerance and simplification in following the health instructions can change the situation.”

The Deputy Minister of Health said: “We have a document that the ruling is golden and based on this, restrictions will be applied automatically by changing the situation of cities, and it should be noted that there is no guarantee that the disease will not rise again and any gathering from Yalda period to Eid And the Funeral Home can increase the disease, and it should be noted that the instructions can not be followed at the dinner table and the Yalda period.

He added: “In some countries, it has been approved that if a person goes to someone else’s house, the guest must have a mask, and there is no difference between the home environment and the workplace and shop, and now it is not winter fog, even despite air pollution. Open.

Referring to the risk of coronary heart disease during the Yalda night period, Haririchi said: “If we want to go to the Yalda night period, we have to buy nuts and watermelons, and there are encounters with other people and people for their own sake.” Defenders of health should be more careful so that we do not see the next corona peaks.

He pointed to the prognosis of coronary heart disease in Iran and said: “According to the international forecast, if the observations and restrictions continue, the downward trend should continue decisively, and if 25% of people wear masks in the next 5 and a half months in April, the rate Corona mortality will reach 6 to 15 cases, and if the rate of mask use is at the current level of 5%, we will reach 50 to 60 daily deaths, and if the instructions and restrictions are not followed, it was predicted to be 5 deaths in late December. Let’s reach.

Haririchi added: “The current achievement of reducing the incidence and mortality of corona is an epic of the people, the government, the Basij and the defenders of health, and it is commendable, and we can return to the previous conditions, and there is a danger of corona again.”

He said: “We are the 15th country in the world in terms of cases and the 17th country in terms of daily mortality, and we are ranked میزان in the world in terms of mortality rate per million people, and Belgium, France, Britain and the United States are higher than us.” And they are in the first ranks.

Haririchi said about holding Yalda night periodically underground in halls, restaurants and gardens of halls and Sadid dealing with violators: “If we see that Yalda night ceremony has been held in a restaurant to show that we will not fall short, we will media the clashes and condemnation.” We will give for a long time, the reception halls have been closed for 2 months and we cannot ignore the observance of 15% of the people and we will deal with the violators and we will ask the people to report the ceremony to us wherever the sound is heard. It transmits the virus, and young people participate in the ceremonies, infecting the elderly around them, and they become victims, and the slightest negligence causes the disease to flare up.

The Deputy Minister of Health said: “The best thing to do good and forbid evil and social participation is for people to warn each other and to warn ourselves with our soft language and people to take care of themselves and witness parties and apartment gatherings in big cities.” We are, but in small towns we see the shape of a different period and patriotism requires us to be far from each other and to think and to breathe far from each other and we have asked the governors to plan according to the ceremonies of each province.

He added: “We are facing the Fatimid era and today we asked for football not to watch football and in the north of Tehran our problem is the place where climbers eat breakfast and the virus is lurking in the gatherings.” It should be noted that the speed of transmission of the virus is 5 times faster in speaking and 50 times faster in shouting, and avoiding loud talking is helpful.