Life insurance for life

In the name of Allah

I saw Nowruz and shed tears

Happy Nowruz and such rain

We left behind a year that was another experience in our lives and business. The corona virus reminded us how weak and fragile we are in the face of the microscopic creature, and what an innumerable gift health is, and how well we understood Saadi Shiraz’s words: “Every breath that sinks is life-giving, and when it rises it is fun “Essence, then, has two blessings in every soul, and thanks to every blessing, it is obligatory to be thankful for whatever comes out of the hand and tongue.” We thank the merciful God that we were able to serve in good health and wish an eternal green place for those whose case was closed.

Baran entered the insurance market with the strategies of the esteemed board of directors, with new professions in life insurance and investment, and shone with the efforts of you dear ones. Distinguished managers, employees, esteemed managers of marketing and sales offices, agents, brokers and marketers, have defined “life insurance for life”, which is sincerely commendable and, without a doubt, the absolute needless will give us the best reward, because, worship It is nothing but serving the people.

Witnessing the professional arms of life insurance in the rain and on the road, a large part of the blue ocean awaits conquest, and our managers and staff are ready to support and support this valuable and powerful network.

In the new year, with an exemplary program and effort, as in the previous year, which attracted the attention of the spectators, we will open a new path to achieve the position of the first life insurance in the country and to serve the good people of our country.

happy New Year

Be healthy and dignified.

Alireza Hadi

Rain Insurance CEO