Localization of power systems and batteries of 5G sites with the support of Irancell

In this meeting, which was held on Wednesday morning, March 18, 2017, at the company’s location located in Toos Industrial City of Mashhad, Dr. Bijan Abbasiarand was closely acquainted with the activities of different sections of the company.

During the visit, the CEO of Irancell emphasized Irancell’s support for Iranian manufacturers and the localization of technological needs, and referring to the harsh sanctions against Iran, considered the parts produced by Iranian manufacturers to be competitive with foreign models.

In this meeting, Engineer Mohammad Ali Chamnian, CEO of Nian Electronic Company, while welcoming the CEO of Irancell, presented a report on the background and current activities of the company and discussed with Dr. Bijan Abbasiarand about the areas of joint cooperation.

Nian Electronic Company, with the intention of commercializing knowledge in the field of electronic engineering, power electronics, design and manufacture of Static Converters, widely used in the country’s infrastructure industry, started its activities in 1995 and is one of the oldest startups. Growing up in Iran, it is one of the largest knowledge-based companies in the country.

This company is one of the largest companies in the country in the field of design and production of electronic converters of electrical energy, which has been able to meet most of the country’s needs in the field of telecommunication switching power supplies by relying on the capabilities of young professionals.

Irancell, which has already cooperated extensively with Nian Electronic Company in supplying the power supply systems required for the development of the telephone network infrastructure and provides part of the equipment from this company, at the same time with launching the first fifth generation mobile phone site in Iran at the beginning of August 2016. , Has started wider cooperation with this company in the two fields of power supply systems and batteries required by 5G sites, and in this regard, on Wednesday, the CEO of Irancell visited the company’s developments and the samples it is producing.

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