Lottery of Razi Insurance Golden Festival on Yalda night

According to Shaman News, quoting public relations, Wahab Javadi said in this regard: “Because of the outbreak of coronary heart disease, this year’s Yalda night ceremony of our compatriots is different from previous years, Razi Insurance also decided to spend this night with its insurance through Instagram Be a passerby and make good memories on the longest night of the year.

Javadi, stating that the Golden Festival of Razi Insurance was welcomed, added: “More than 10,000 insurance policies have been sold from December 13 to 20, which is a 38% increase compared to the same period last year.”

Emphasizing that Razi Insurance was more concerned with marketing by holding the Golden Festival than marketing, he explained: “In other words, we want to appreciate the customers who chose Razi Insurance in the competitive market.”

Javadi reminded: in the festival, every real person who has bought any insurance policy with a premium of 100,000 Tomans or higher, is subject to a lottery, and those insurers who have purchased more insurance policies have a better chance of winning.

The director of market development and management once again emphasized the traffic restrictions on December 20th, and said: Bimeh Razi, in line with its social responsibility to encourage people to stay at home and entertain them, shared the lottery ceremony on Yalda night on his Instagram and this long night with insurers. It celebrates itself.

Razi Insurance Market Development and Management Manager reminded: Razi Insurance started the year 1999 with a rebranding project and unveiled its new logo and slogan. In the new slogan, Razi Insurance stepped into the field with the priority of customer retention and customer orientation.

Javadi emphasized: In your slogan, Razi Insurance Group thought beyond its share in the insurance market and has taken steps to develop the insurance culture in the country, because it is a relaxing moment that people feel with having an insurance policy, regardless of what company the insurance policy is for. Be insurance, it conveys a good feeling.

Broadcast the lottery ceremony of the 13th festival plus 1 golden winner of Yalda night from Bimeh Razi Instagram, join us.