Lufthansa does not fly in Iran yet

Earlier this month, Lufthansa resumed flights to Iran until mid-December, according to the Economist News Agency.

Abolghasem Jalali reminded that at present all European flights except Sweden are established due to insurance issues, adding: “Due to the insurance problem, handling companies are not willing to provide services to Iranian airlines in this country.” We are pursuing the issue that this problem will be resolved soon.

He reminded about the flights of European airlines to Iran: In the near future, European airlines will resume flights to our country. Lufthansa will resume its flights to Iran in mid-December.

Jalali emphasized: “By doing this, all European airlines will resume their flights to our country.”

According to Tasnim, this is while 4 days have passed since the announcement of the Deputy Minister of Aviation of the National Aviation Organization, but there is still no news about the arrival of Lufthansa flights in the country.