Luxury birthday party of Maryam Kaviani and her politician wife + photo

50th birthday party Maryam Kaviani Next to his wife, you see the hospitable Ramin. Maryam Kaviani (born July 22, 1970 in Ahvaz; originally from Mazandaran, Iran is a film and television actress. Maryam Kaviani is a nursing graduate and began her artistic career as an actress in 2004 with the film Spaghetti in Eight Minutes.

Maryam Kaviani

Maryam Kaviani was born in Ahvaz in 1349, originally from Mazandaran; His father is a worker in the Pars sugarcane and paper factory and his mother is a housewife. Both are scholars, but not interested in pursuing art. His parents are both from Mazandaran and Babylon. Kaviani himself had little interest in acting or knowledge of cinema. He says that among the actors, he only knows Hedyeh Tehrani, Mohammad Reza Forootan and Afsaneh Baygan, and that’s it. One day, Nader Moqaddas passes by Mehrad Hospital, where he works. Moqaddas invites him to visit behind the scenes of a young dream film he is making. Kaviani overcomes his doubts and appears behind the scenes of this film out of curiosity. Moqaddas tells her that she has a good face for acting and at the insistence of a white mantle, they cover her tension and send her in front of her camera to play the short role of a doctor, and this is how Maryam Kaviani becomes an actress.