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نیوشا ضیغمی She graduated from the field of psychology and was born on July 9, 1980. Niousha Zeighami is a graduate of the field of psychology and was born on July 9, 1980. Due to her talent, ability and continuous effort, Niousha Zeighami was able to work in major movies in a short time. . نیوشا ضیغمی; An actor who was an unfamiliar figure at the 24th Fajr Film Festival.






Born: July 9, 1980

July 9, 1980


Nationality: Iran

Profession: Actor – Producer

Years of activity: 2004 – so far

Partner: Arash Polad Khan – wife

Degree: Bachelor of Child Psychology from Shahid Beheshti University

Full biography of Niousha Zeighami:

One of the successful actors of the Young Cinemas Association (entered in 2003) who immediately after finishing his training course started working in the professional field of cinema and television. Due to her talent, ability and continuous effort, Nyusha was able to work in the lead role in big movies in a short time.

Niousha Zeighami is a graduate of Psychology and was born on July 9, 1980. During his acting career, Maso Jafari Javazani started his professional career in 2003 with the series “In the Eye of the Wind”.

A year later, by starring in Mohammad Ali Sajjadi’s “Wet Hand” and working with this experienced director, he taught him more about acting, which led Sajjadi to name him alongside his favorite actors. Mohammad Ali Sajjadi chose him to play in the movie “Shorideh” in late 2004.

Niousha Zeighami took a big step in cinema by starring in the movie “Shorideh” and by attending the 24th Fajr Film Festival, she was nominated for the statuette for Best Actress in a Leading Role and competed with Hedyeh Tehrani. He considers playing in the movie “Shorideh” and his colleague with Mohammad Ali Sajjadi to be a part of his success.

“Encounter”, which was also present at the 24th Fajr Film Festival, made the judges of the festival have a professional look at Newsha and consider her as one of the professional actors.

Nyusha Zeighami finished her game in “Parkway” in 2006. “Parkway” is certainly one of his most valuable works because of working with a great director like Fereydoun Jirani. But Nyusha is not very satisfied with playing in this film because Nyusha’s good sequences were deleted during the editing of the film.

But he also had a good presence at the 25th Fajr Film Festival with three films, “Parkway”, “The Expelled” and “My Sin”, in which he co-starred with Hamid Goodarzi. People met him and he is being screened during Eid, in which the film, which is the only film released by him, had a brilliant presence, and for many cinematographers, a bright future awaits him.

Nyusha Zeighami’s private life:

Niousha Zeighami’s parents:

Niousha Zeighami is the daughter of Mohsen Zeighami and Fahimeh Rostampour

Niousha Zeighami sister:

Rosha Zeighami, born on January 20, 1990, is a film actress. Rosha Zeighami is a student of English translation and art work with graphics. His first experience in the field of acting was in the short film Chahar directed by Peyman Abbasi, and he also co-starred with his sister in a film called Chaharsoo.

Niousha Zeighami (born July 9, 1980, Tehran) is an Iranian actress. She graduated from Shahid Beheshti University with a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. She is now a well-known actress and her husband is a silver businessman.

After graduating, Niousha Zeighami participated in acting classes at the Young Cinematographers Association, and from there she was introduced to the director, Massoud Jafari Jozani, for the series In the Eye of the Wind. Zeighami gained his first artistic experience with this series in 2003 when he was 23 years old.

Niousha Zeighami nominated him for Crystal Simorgh after starring in the film Shorideh in 2005. He has played two TV series in total and became famous with his film Parkway in 1985 and the dismissals of Massoud Deh Namaki in the same year.

Niousha Zeighami and her husband recently inaugurated a beauty clinic called Niousha Zeighami and a silver gallery called Polad Khan in the presence of famous actors. Niousha Zeighami posted a picture of herself in the movie “Women are Angels 2” on her personal page.