Luxury job of Ali Daei and his wife + leaked photos

Ali Daei Mr. Goljahan, my famous football player and businessman who has several jobs, revealed the secret of his business and the higher income of his wife Mona than himself! Join us in this article to read Ali Daei’s latest interview about his wife’s income and various jobs and his job and income. Ali Daei, the most famous face of Iranian football, has recently talked about different aspects of his personal, professional and especially economic life. Is.

Going back, which one would you choose between football and business, and what is the key to your success in business?

Ali Daei: I entered the business from the beginning of becoming a footballer. The first money I got was from the 1993 World Cup qualifiers in the United States. At that time, I became the best player and Mr. Gol. With the money I had raised, we bought a shop in Moniriyeh with the help of my friend. This partnership has been going on since 1993. I was not looking for a car to change, and since my father worked as a carpet weaver and before that he had a business for himself in Ardabil, I was no stranger to business and I was interested in it. The year I was injured in Hiroshima, Persepolis cut off all my rights. What would I do if I did not have a business of my own? I came here from those days.


It is said that these are not the product of Ali Daei’s ideology and economic sham, but Daei has very good advisors who do his economic work, right?

Ali Daei: I do not have such a consultant, but I have good friends. Contrary to what you may think, I get ideas from my friends. If there is a problem with my work, I will fix it and if they give a good suggestion, I will definitely check it.

Ali Daei: My wife earns more than me in jewelry.

For years, in sports brands, some agencies belong to you and some claim to be related to Ali Daei.


Clearly state which brands you represent?

Ali Daei: I represent Adidas and Nike in the field of sports. Our products (uncle brand) are also active enough. We are also active in Diamond Office Complex. In the field of food industry with the participation of a friend of mine who came from France,

We cooperate. My wife also does jewelry, and sometimes she earns more than me. I recently started advertising activities with two of my friends.

Given that you are known among the people as an investor, you face a huge volume of financial requests.

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What is your reaction to the demands of the people?

Ali Daei: It is a wrong mentality for people to see me as a capitalist, because I am not like that. All I have is that you see and believe that I am the third and fourth person among my friends financially. It is not a matter that people are not aware of. It’s funny to me to be considered a capitalist. After all these years, I bought a house about three and a half years ago. How can I be a capitalist? I laugh at what they write in cyberspace. I do not live in a penthouse, nor do I have what you see, and I am proud to have eaten and eaten my own bread. I do not need anyone in my life and if I can, I will arrest you. You may not believe it, but once I checked people’s letters for a week, I would still not be able to meet the demands of the people if I had sold my whole life.