Mahnoura exhibition starts in Kish

Allameh Khosravi, the head of the women’s affairs department of the organization, stated that the purpose of the permanent establishment of this exhibition is to create a permanent place for the supply of handmade products of Kish women and said: this exhibition aims to motivate women artists on the island And the busiest parts of Kish were set up.

Allameh Khosravi, noting that home-based businesses, especially in the field of women, can be very effective in transforming a society, said that stabilizing the flow of Kish home-based businesses for easy access to the sales market is one of the goals of the exhibition.

He added: “Kish women products are produced in the” Termeh “Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Center in Safin region and will be presented in this exhibition.”

The head of the Women’s Affairs Department of the Kish Free Zone Organization, noting that the presence of women active in various fields of handicrafts is a very good capacity in Kish, said: According to the latest statistics of the Women’s Affairs Department, 191 women artists work in handicrafts, all of whom want Creating a platform to introduce products, their capabilities and offer them.

Khosravi stated: Women handicraft producers of different disciplines in Kish, who have been living on the island for more than 3 years, can present their handicrafts for sale in this area by presenting quality products to the Kish Women’s Affairs Office and passing the verification stage. Exhibit.

Regarding the choice of the name of the exhibition, he said: “Considering that this exhibition is a place for offering handmade products of women, Mahnoora is a female name with Arabic roots meaning the month of Taban, which was chosen to show special attention to the native women of Kish.”

In the end, the head of the Women’s Affairs Department of the Kish Free Zone Organization, while thanking all those involved in launching the women’s handicrafts exhibition, said: If women’s activities expand and household products increase, another place will be created on the island to display these handicrafts.

Mat weaving, decorative products with resin work, jewelry embroidery, leather products, turquoise, painting on glass and knitted dolls are among the handicrafts presented in this exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that Jafar Ahangaran, the head of the Kish Free Zone Organization, along with other officials, deputies and managers of the organization visited this permanent exhibition.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization