Manpower training and investment in information technology; Corona lessons for the future of organizations

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations of Cooperative Insurance, Younes Mazloumi said at the meeting that the main task of insurance companies is to “help manage the potential risks of customers.” They are different.

He further referred to the concept of emerging risks and said: “Emerging risks are risks that have occurred in the past but are appearing in a new way.”

The CEO of Cooperative Insurance explained: For example, in the category of climate change risks, the risk of floods has existed for a long time, but given that this category can always be accompanied by newer signs and forms, it will be in the category of emerging risks.

In another example, he referred to the pandemic phenomenon as an emerging risk that has existed for a long time and said: “This phenomenon is known as an emerging risk due to its new characteristics and the conditions created by the corona outbreak in the global community.” .

Mazloumi went on to describe the history of the outbreak of the corona virus and said: “In 1960, the corona virus was identified and about 50 to 60 types of the virus have been found so far, the most important of which are SARS, Mers and SARS-COV-2.” Which is known as Corona, he pointed out.

The CEO of Cooperative Insurance considered a pandemic as one of the cases in the category of fundamental risks and stated: The various dimensions of this risk have been identified and the most important one that is currently being discussed globally is the impact on businesses and their closure. Accordingly, a small number of insurance companies in the world, considering this risk and creating conditions for the transfer of this risk to the government, consider this type of risk on a parametric scale and, accordingly, the conditions for covering it. They have brought.

Mazloumi continued: “Currently, the only insurance in the country that covers the risk of stopping businesses caused by the Corona pandemic is cooperative insurance, which has been very well received by business units.”

The CEO of Cooperative Insurance went on to point out the challenges of insurance companies after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and said: Has also increased significantly.

He added: “On the other hand, considering that about 75% of the insurance policies issued in the country are related to car accidents, fortunately, the reduction of road traffic due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic has reduced these accidents.”

The CEO of Cooperative Insurance pointed to the lessons learned from this pandemic and said: “Today, it is necessary for all organizations to create more telecommuting conditions for human resources and also to provide conditions so that customers can join the organization without the need to be present.” Take action to do their job and benefit from the services of the relevant organization.

Mazloumi added: “On the other hand, it is necessary to make good investments in the IT sectors and also to train human resources in order to face the future conditions.”