Many do not understand the meaning of nationalizing foreign trade

According to Eqtesadnews, the repetition of mistakes is the product of ignorance. If we know the past, we may learn from it and not repeat and experience the wrong paths. One of the areas that the time machine can travel to is the economy, Iran’s economy in half. The last century, like other spheres of social life, has faced many ups and downs.

Similar events have taken place in the Iranian economy and different decisions have been made for it, but it seems that we are facing the same results. “In half a century with the Iranian economy” We review the important economic news of Iran and the world. This article is published under the title of half a century with the Iranian economy. During the study of the economic history of the last five decades, we may encounter important and effective events, and we also publish these news and events. Due to the 90-year history of a strong archive and a purely news-based approach, the information newspaper is reflected in the basic events of this study.

30 آذر 1350; 90 million Tomans government contribution to the pension fund

Following the review of the budget amendment bill in the budget, finance, economy and foreign affairs committees of the National Assembly, the bill was presented in a public session of the parliament on Sunday.

The bill will be announced at a public session of the Senate on Saturday and will be sent to various commissions for consideration.

The credits mentioned in the budget amendment for the implementation of the welfare program and improving the lives of teachers in the country, amending the employment law in their favor, paying technical fees to teachers and implementing the second phase of the employment law for them in the last three months of this year and credit of 1300 million rials in the supplement The budget is intended.

In this budget, 400 million Rials have been allocated to help invest in the housing program and 900 million Rials have been allocated to prevent the lack of credit of the Employees’ Pension Fund as an increase in government assistance to the Pension Fund this year.

30 آذر 1360; Mohammad Yazdi: Many do not know the meaning of nationalizing foreign trade

Hojjatoleslam Sheikh Mohammad Yazdi, the representative of the people of Qom in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the interim Friday prayer leader of Shiraz, said about economic policy: “Why did some people create an atmosphere in which our economic policy is said to be communist?” Come and see the resolutions of the Revolutionary Council, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Assembly of Experts and the Council of Ministers, which fully respects legitimate personal property and has not touched on trade issues at all, and many still do not understand the meaning of nationalization of foreign trade. With the implementation of this plan, businesses and markets should be closed completely, and the government will act directly, which it is not.

In another part of his speech, he said: “People should pay attention to the issue of war, that we have been forced to quota some goods and supplies.”

30 آذر 1370; The highest and lowest customs duties on imported cars

The amount of customs duties and taxes of all types of imported cars based on the fixed monthly exchange rate of the official currency was announced by the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in December.

Among the imported cars “Benz E 200” model 92 with 51 million 184 thousand 701 Rials and Toyota pickup Hilux “Axis 2000” model 90 with 1 million 647 thousand 488 Rials, respectively, the highest and lowest figures of customs duties and taxes. Are dedicated to themselves.

Therefore, according to the report, the customs of south of Tehran, with the help of a computer system, clears imported cars in the shortest possible time, and if the clearance of these cars takes more than 15 days, warehousing costs will not be included in them.

30 آذر 1390; Ahmadinejad: 100 countries ask Iran for economic planning

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced at the conference on the first anniversary of the implementation of the Law on Targeting Subsidies that with the implementation of this law, the class gap was reduced. Referring to the speeches of the ministers and relevant officials about the effects and consequences of targeting subsidies, he said: “These talks and statistics show that almost all the objections that have already been raised about this law have no government basis, and of course this does not mean that.” There have been no weaknesses or shortcomings in the implementation of this extensive law.

The President further thanked Imam al-Asr (as) and stated: One of the scholars asked me about the reason for the success of this project, and I said that the first reason was that the group that wanted to do this, did it carefully. They moved forward and on the other hand there was trust between the government and the people, but the third factor that caused the first two factors was that Imam al-Zaman (as) did it.

Ahmadinejad said that many people do not like to acknowledge the managerial capabilities of this country, adding: “More than 100 countries in consultations and visits asked us for advice in this regard and many asked us to help their economic planning based on this experience.” And implement this plan in their country.

Reza Abdullahi, head of the parliament’s program and budget commission, who was the only representative of the legislature present at the conference, referred to his meeting with Ahmadinejad last week, in which he called on Ahmadinejad to complete the full liberalization of energy carriers in 1991 and worry about change. Prices are not.

Warning to UAE to stop exchanges

Mehr News Agency reported on the order of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade to suspend trade with the UAE in response to the recent banking decisions of that country and its support at the request of Western governments. However, the first vice president in an interview with “Fars” in response to the question of whether Iran’s trade relations with the UAE have been suspended or not? He said: “No, it is not easy for the relations between the two neighboring countries to be cut off at once.” At the same time, Mohammad Reza Rahimi clarified: We have warned the officials of this country not to fall under the pressure of the United States; Because it is not in their interest. He added: “Under the influence of American pressure, the UAE has done something that is not to our detriment; It is to his own detriment.

Ahmadinejad emphasizes the devaluation of the dollar

For the second time in less than three months, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused some of disrupting the currency and coin markets. Ahmadinejad once again defended the depreciation of the dollar, saying: “Some people insist that the price of the currency rise; This issue has no economic basis because the country’s foreign exchange earnings are much higher than consumption.

The entry of the dollar into the new price channel took place in a situation where a month earlier, Mr. Ahmadinejad stated that the real currency of the dollar was 900 tomans.

He had emphasized: the amount of our country’s foreign exchange reserves is so high that it meets all needs such as imports and travel, and while today one US dollar is not worth 900 tomans in the Iranian economy, but with the action of some people to buy large foreign currency balance. The market is collapsing.

Currency trading stopped

The latest news from the foreign exchange and coin market indicates an increase of at least 90 Tomans in the price of the dollar and an increase of 20 thousand Tomans in the price of coins.

Yesterday, the price of the dollar in the market reached 1530 Tomans and the price of coins increased to 625 thousand Tomans. As demand increased and the dollar suddenly appreciated, most market participants refused to trade in currency. The shortage of dollars and the increase in buying demand among brokers have led to market instability in some areas of the market, where money changers usually refuse to trade.

The Central Bank kept the reference dollar price at 1100 Tomans. Therefore, with the increase in the price of the dollar to at least 1530 Tomans, the gap between the official and unofficial dollar prices exceeded 430 Tomans.