Martyr Soleimani was a source of comfort for the families of the martyrs of the shrine – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Zahra کارگربرزی In said وگو “After my brother’s martyrdom, the family, especially my parents, were not in a good mood,” he told Mehr.

He stated: The third was the testimony of my brother when we were informed that Martyr Salmani wanted to come to our house, a news that relieved us a little.

Martyr sister کارگربرزی He added: “At first, we thought that the night before he came, they wanted to be in our house for security reasons, but no one came. The next morning, he came with the martyr Mohammad Hassan Khalili in a Peugeot 405 without any bodyguards.”

He continued: Sardar Soleimani without any fuss and خدمی They came to our house, which is a sign of their simplicity.

کارگربرزی Emphasis on the arrival of peace with the arrival of Hajj Qasim in their house and note: From the moment Hajj Qasim entered our house, they brought peace to our house with them and the life that we had lost and we were out of the way of life, again We are back on the path of life.

He said: Haj Qasim in a meeting with my father said that these martyrs went to defend the religion of God and told us about the motivation of the defenders of the shrine.

Martyr sister کارگربرزی He referred to the words of Sardar Delha with the theme that the effect of the work of the martyrs will be determined later and stated: Sardar Soleimani said that the defenders of the shrine did not go for their personal intention; He insisted on going to the grave of my martyr brother, and when they reached the grave of the martyr, they kissed the grave stone of my brother, and until the last moment they left us, his hand did not separate from my father.

Regarding the martyrdom of Hajj Qasim, he said: “The martyrdom of Hajj Qasim was heavier for us than the heat of my brother, and a lot of time is spent so that everyone understands a part of Hajj Qasim’s simplicity and sincerity and tells it to others.”