“Masked scorpions” were executed

Four masked youths who brutally raped his wife in one of the sheep pens in Sang-e-Sefid area by tying the hands and feet of a young man in the foothills of Dal Fariman Peak, were executed at dawn yesterday in Mashhad Central Prison. Were.

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According to Khorasan, it was on the 3rd of October that a young couple in an L90 car drove from Mashhad to Fariman. The couple were scheduled to go early in the morning to climb the famous Dal peak in the Sang-e Sefid area. Those who had reached the White Stone earlier than the others, went to the park near the city square at night and left there by setting up a travel tent. It was around midnight when four young motorcyclists entered the park and watched the young couple. Those who thought that the young couple were in a friendly relationship and could easily attack the young woman, suddenly made a terrible decision. According to Khorasan, the four people did not take their eyes off the travel tent and chased the couple. The next morning (99.7.4) a young man and woman in a car arrived at the foot of the mountain with eight evil eyes fixed on them. They continued to climb, but when they returned from the summit of Dal, when they reached the foot of the foothills, they were suddenly confronted with a frightening scene. The four young men, who covered their heads, walked towards the young couple, holding a cold weapon (knife) in their hands. Those who were nailed in place out of fear, with their eyes protruding from their sockets, looked only at the masked men, one of whom had a small spot in the corner of his eye. Masked motorcyclists, who looked like “scary scorpions”, threatened to kill the young man, put a knife to his throat and tied his arms and legs. They then dragged the 20-year-old woman into Gash (Tavileh) and raped her in front of her husband. The young woman, trembling with fear, tried to free herself from the clutches of the “masked scorpions” by begging and crying, but her pleas were in vain. On the other hand, the young man, who could not bear this painful scene, did his best to find a way to open his arms and legs, but he also tried in vain. The “masked scorpions” raped the young woman amid screaming and begging, and then tore the couple’s car tires and fled on a motorcycle on a rural road. When the woman opened her husband’s arms and legs, they barely made it to the side of the country road and, seeing the police patrol car, told them the story. Minutes later, the horrific incident was broadcast on police radios, prompting law enforcement to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the gang rape. Due to the importance and sensitivity of the issue and with the issuance of a special and confidential order by Judge Gholam Ali Sadeghi (Chief Justice of Khorasan Razavi) this case was specifically heard in the First Branch of the Fariman Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office. On the other hand, a special group of intelligence and security police forces of Khorasan Razavi, with the cooperation of intelligence detectives, took action and investigated the matter. In several branches of intelligence operations, they managed to obtain clues about the “masked scorpions” because the young woman spoke of a small spot that appeared in the corner of one of the defendants’ eyes. On the other hand, traces of a Peugeot Ardi car belonging to the father of one of the wanted defendants were found. Therefore, with the direct guidance and supervision of Sardar Mohammad Kazem Taghavi (Khorasan Razavi Police Commander) and after several days of intelligence monitoring, the police succeeded in identifying four young defendants in Mashhad and Karaj and arresting them in separate operations. According to the Khorasan report, with the transfer of the accused to Fariman, they were subjected to specialized interrogations in the Public and Revolutionary Courts, and thus the rape case of “masked scorpions” was sent to Mashhad, and due to its special sensitivity in the first branch. The criminal court of a Khorasan Razavi was presided over by Judge Dehghan. The Khorasan report states that the four defendants in this case initially tried to plead not guilty, but the judicial experience of the judges of the criminal court closed any loophole by asking complex specialized questions, and thus the defendants in the court hearings presided over by the judge. The farmer and Judge Safaeian’s advisor were held to explain this horrific incident and reveal the truth of the matter. Therefore, the judges of the court, based on the contents of the case, the police report, the confessions of the defendants and other available documents, voted to execute the rapists. The young woman (plaintiff) was taken to the police by ambulance on the first day of the confrontation. He screamed and fainted when he saw the defendants in fear. At the same time, the case was sent to Branch 19 of the Supreme Court with the defendants protesting against the verdict issued by the Criminal Court of Khorasan Razavi, and was specifically examined under a magnifying glass, but the Supreme Court judges, after carefully examining the contents. The case was upheld by the court. According to Khorasan, the case of the “masked scorpions”, which had been specially investigated by the order of Judge Sadeghi, was referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Revolutionary Court of Mashhad about six months after this horrific incident. With the issuance of an order by Judge Mohammad Reza Dashtban (Deputy Prosecutor of Khorasan Razavi), preparations were immediately made to execute the death sentence until dawn yesterday. The four defendants in this case were Ruhollah Javidirad, born in 1999; And Mohammad Vatandoust, born in 1997, were hanged in Mashhad Central Prison and executed. Execution of 4 Defendants in Rape Case in Fariman District Execution of the case of rape defendants in Fariman area was carried out yesterday in Mashhad Central Prison. According to the Public Relations of the General Justice of Khorasan Razavi Province, following a complaint by the suspects and a report A case of rape dated 3/7/99 in Sefid Sang-e-Fariman area by the law enforcement authority, a case with the same subject and kidnapping with threat was filed in the first branch of the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of that city and after identifying the perpetrators A man and a woman mountaineer and conducting investigations of four defendants named Ruhollah Javidi Rad, son of Ali Akbar with a criminal record and married, Mohammad Sayadi Baghsangani, son of Mehdi and married, Mohammad Hosseini, son of Ahmad, and Mohammad Watan Doost, son of Hussein Criminal record and during legal proceedings, an indictment will be issued for the defendants on 8/15/99. With the issuance of an indictment by the Fariman Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, the case will be sent to the criminal court of a Khorasan Razavi province for further investigation and will be considered separately. Finally, after conducting the necessary investigations and legal measures on the charges of kidnapping, rape, intimidation, threats and rape, the necessary measures were taken by the First Branch of the Criminal Court of Khorasan Razavi Province according to the contents of the case, reports of the disciplinary authority. , The report of the city intelligence office, the unintentional defenses of the mentioned, the usual legal investigation, the explicit and implicit statements and confessions of the defendants regarding the attribution of assigned crimes, the complaints of private plaintiffs, a sketch and pictures from the crime scene and other evidence in the case And the offense attributed to the accused is recognized as certain. Accordingly, the sentence of the defendants was issued by the criminal court of a province of Khorasan Razavi, and with the protest of the defendants and their lawyers, the case was sent to the Supreme Court for further investigation. Finally, Branch 19 of the Supreme Court reviewed all the contents of the case and performed legal formalities. , Announces the verdict of the first branch of the criminal court of a province of Khorasan Razavi on the execution of the above-mentioned people with a rope in the place of Mashhad Central Prison. Thus, the sentence of the named people was executed yesterday morning in Mashhad Central Prison. It is worth mentioning that some time ago, the accused had kidnapped and raped a mountaineer and a mountaineer in the white area of ​​Sang Fariman.