Mehdi Hashemi having fun with his second wife + photo

Mehdi Hashemi The famous TV and cinema actor and ex-wife of Gulab Adineh have been talking about their second marriage for some time. Mehdi Hashemi and his new wife Mahnoosh Sadeghi attended a birthday party in Corona. Some time ago, the story of the marriage of Mehdi Hashemi and Mahnoosh Sadeghi, with more than 26 years of age difference, became the headline of a media outlet and caused quite a stir. The published image of Mehdi Hashemi and his second wife at the family birthday party has been marginalized for this veteran actor.



Mehdi Hashemi, actor, director and screenwriter of our country’s cinema, television and theater, was born on December 7, 1958 in Langarud.

Mehdi Hashemi’s serious activity in the world of art

Hashemi entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in 1973 and continued his education in the field of performing arts. He graduated in this field and began a serious activity in the world of art in the theater around the year 1948.

Marriage of Mehdi Hashemi and Gulab Adineh

In 1959, Mehdi Hashemi began his life together with Gulab Adineh, a film and television actor.

The story of the acquaintance of Mehdi Hashemi and Gulab Adineh goes back to playing in the series Sultan and Shaban directed by Dariush Farhang, who played together in this nostalgic series of the 60’s.

Learn more about Adineh rose

Gulab Adineh was born on 22 Abad 1332 in Tehran. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political economy. She is the daughter of Hosseinghli Mustaan ​​(translator and novelist).

He also started his activity in the walking group with Mehdi Hashemi and Dariush Farhang and in the TV series Afsaneh Sultan va Shaban in 1958, he played with his wife Mehdi Hashemi and is the first wife of Mehdi Hashemi.

He has taught acting for different age groups in schools and educational institutions such as the School of Arts and Letters for Children and Adolescents affiliated with the Radio and Television, and is currently an acting teacher.

Nora, daughter of Mehdi Hashemi and Gulab Adineh

Nora Hashemi is the only daughter of Mehdi Hashemi and Gulab Adineh, who was born in 1983. Nora continued her parents’ path in the art world and started her artistic activity as an actress in 1981 with the film Miss.

Siavash Asadian, the young director of our country, is the wife of Nora Hashemi and the son-in-law of Mehdi Hashemi, and the couple has a son named Avesta, who was born in April 1996.

The marriage of Mehdi Hashemi and Mahnoosh Sadeghi was marginalized

One of the most egregious events in Mehdi Hashemi’s life is related to the story of this artist’s remarriage. It was on the 7th of July of 1998 that the young actor of our country, Mahnoosh Sadeghi, published a post announcing his marriage to Mehdi Hashemi, but this news was accompanied by many side effects.

Nora, the daughter of Mehdi Hashemi and Gulab Adineh, denied the news of her father’s marriage, but Mehdi Hashemi confirmed her marriage to Mahnoosh Sadeghi by publishing a text.

Who is Mahnoosh Sadeghi, the second wife of Mehdi Hashemi?

Mahnoosh Sadeghi, born in 1351 in Tehran, is an actor. He has a bachelor’s degree in costume design from the University of Art and Architecture and an acting diploma from the School of Art and Literature. In addition to acting, he is also a writer. Due to his age, he has a 26-year age difference with Mehdi Hashemi Be!

Controversial text by Mehdi Hashemi about his marriage to Mahnoosh Sadeghi

“Hello again to my cyberspace friends. I have a wife and she is Mahnoosh Sadeghi, these days I have been accused of having two wives and I seem to have shocked Ms. Adineh and my daughter Nora by announcing my marriage, when this is not the case.

That is, Ms. Adineh and I have been living apart by agreement for many years, because we could not stay under one roof due to the lack of intellectual understanding we had with each other, and there was no emotional connection between us that could be called a marital relationship. But for personal reasons as well as the limitations that our job imposes on us, we chose not to recognize this separation.

Since Ms. Adineh is interested in showcases and appearances, they wanted to make our lives a myth by publishing two photos of people from the past, as well as creating a page in my name in cyberspace and publishing news on my behalf. Show a love life.

During these years, I remained silent only for the sake of my child and to preserve his honor and respect, and I continued my personal life, but now my daughter is thirty-eight years old, she is an independent person who has a wife and children, and I divorced after that. Secretly, without ruining the other’s life, after a while, I married Ms. Mahnoosh Sadeghi (writer and actor), who was like-minded, with the same taste and cooperation, in order to formalize that separation.

Does this mean two wives ?!

All these years, by spraying and boycotting Mahnoosh, they prevented him from continuing his professional work and made him stay at home. He remained silent out of respect for my profession and my past, but now, after a long silence, because these pressures and sprays continue. He became and intensified, in a moment he rebelled and made this marriage public, which of course I give him the right, and this controversy arose.

This marriage was and is with honesty and originality, while maintaining the dignity of the other party, there are other hidden truths that I will suffice with while maintaining respect for everyone as much as I mentioned. “Besides, I do not have a page in any of the virtual spaces.”