Mehdi Taremi married a famous actor? + Photos

The news of the marriage of Mehdi Taremi and Sahar Qureshi has filled all the cyberspace these days and today we want to address this issue. Sahar Qureshi does not respond to her communications these days. He has decided not to talk and it is a question for many why this film and television actor is silent.

Shamaneuz news site is exempt from broadcasting double pictures of these two celebrities.

In this regard, it is heard that Mehdi Taremi, who does not talk at all, also emphasized to Sahar Qureshi, who is said to be getting married, not to talk so that the water would fall from the mill. Qureshi’s remarks about women entering the stadium caused controversy.

Rumors of Sahar Qureshi and Mehdi Taremi getting married:

Apparently, the reason for starting this rumor was Mehdi Taremi’s tweet that said:

“A woman owes all her beauty to a man who sees them in love.”

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At the bottom of Mehdi Taremi’s message on social media about women, Hossein Mahini, referring to Mehdi Taremi’s message, gave an answer that strengthens the possibility that this rumor is true.

Meanwhile, a film was released that added to the rumor.