Mehran Modiri and Omid are brother singers + Photo

The issue starts from the fact that Omid announced on a satellite network, “Mehran Modiri is my brother and we have a good relationship with each other, even though we are far from each other,” and this issue provokes public opinion to publish this news. And whether the news is true or not is published with a strange speed.

Meanwhile, Mehran Modiri answered this question in an interview:

Reporter: Mr. Modiri, a private question from one of your fans named Nasim. Are the hopes of the singer Onur Abi your brother?
Mehran Modiri: No

Mehran Modiri

Many people are unaware of the identities of those who have been reported and may be affected sooner and spread a rumor.

Mehran Modiri was born on April 7, 1967 in Tehran.

Photo by Mehran Modiri

In general, the conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence, such as differences in surname, place and date of birth, etc., is that this news was nothing more than a rumor and there was no family relationship between the two. It can be said that such a rumor could be created. O is also similar to the faces of Mr. Modiri and Mr. Soltani. Because if these two were brothers, Omid must have been born first, because after the birth of Omid, the family moved to Tehran, while Modiri was 5 years before Omid. He was born and has lived in Tehran since the beginning and there has been no immigration in his family. Some people use the name “incarnate brother” which can not be true at all because the manager’s father during his life has never traveled to four Mahal and Bakhtiari, the place of birth, had no hope.

Mehran Modiri

Mehran Modiri Among the TV series in which he has been a director and actor, we can name the following: Happy Hour, Powerchin, Dot China, Barreh Nights, Mozaffar Garden, Man of a Thousand Faces, Man of 2,000 Faces, Bitter Coffee My villa and I joked.