Mehran Modiri’s official courtship of Hedyeh Tehrani + photo

Video of communication and expression of interest Mehran Modiri It has been published in cyberspace as a gift from Tehran.Mehran Modiri The famous director and actor of cinema and television was born in Tehran on the 18th day of Farvardin 1346. In addition to acting and directing, Mehran Modiri also works in other fields such as singing, acting, costume design, design, soundproofing and production.

Mehran Modiri entered the university after graduating, but due to his interest in acting, he left the university part-time and entered the art world. He started working in radio at the age of 6 and worked as a storyteller for six years. .

Modiri entered the field of acting in 1993 by playing in the comedy series Nowruz 72 and was able to become famous. This comedy series was made by Dariush Kardan in 1993 and went on TV during Nowruz and attracted a large audience. Fariba Motashas, ​​Arjang Amirfazli and the late Davood Asadi were other actors in this comedy series.

In the same year, Mehran Modiri experienced acting in another movie with a movie by Tahmineh Milani.

Mehran Modiri playing in the series Bagh Cherries He played his first serious role on TV and was able to attract the attention of the audience. This series was made in 1993 and aired on TV in 1994 and was well received by the people. The story of the Cherry Orchard tells the life of two brothers named Mohsen, played by Mehran Modiri, and Amir, played by Abdolreza Akbari, who inherited a garden and are opposed to each other due to differences in taste in how to use it. Jamshid Mashayekhi, Niko Kheradmand and Daniel Hakimi are the other actors in this series.

In the same year, he made the comedy series Flight 57 and stepped into the world of directing. This comedy TV series was made in 1993 and aired in the Fajr decade of the same year on the First Channel of Sima.

In addition to directing, Mehran Modiri was one of the main actors in this series, Reza Attaran, Nader Soleimani and Nasrollah Radesh were among the other actors in this comedy series.

After the success of the series Flight 57 in the same year, the director started making another series called Happy Hour, this comedy series provided the ground for the entry and introduction of many actors in the field of comedy. Saat Khosh was made in 1994 and aired on the First Channel of Sima. In addition to directing, Mehran Modiri was one of the main actors in this series.

Hamid Lolaei, Reza Attaran, Reza Shafiei Jam and Nader Soleimani Other actors in this series were humorous. The broadcast of his happy hour series was stopped, so that it shocked the agents and actors of this series, Mehran Modiri was banned from filming for a while after this series.

The director then worked in many comic series, including Happy Year, Nowruz 76, War 77, Forgive You, No. 14, Ninety Nights, Comedy 80, and the series Trouble for Parents. In 2002, Modiri made the TV series Powerchin and was able to attract a large audience once again.

Peyman Ghasemkhani was in charge of the writers of this series. The series is about a man named Farhad (Mehran Modiri) Barreh who came to Tehran to study and married Mahtab and became the groom of Sarkhaneh. Javad Razavian, Mohammad Reza Hedayati and Sahar Zakaria are other actors in this comedy series.

The following year, in 2003, the director made the satire of the Chinese dot for broadcast on the third channel of Sima and was well received by the people. Reza Shafiei Jam Playing the role of Bamshad made this series famous so that most people knew this series by the name of Bamshad.

Mehran Modiri, like his previous works, was present in this series as a director and actor and played the role of Ardalan Pashandi. Saeed Pirdost, Siamak Ansari and Mohammad Reza Hedayati They are other actors in this series.

After making the series Parents’ Trouble in 2005, the director directed a different satire called Barreh Nights, this TV series is about an imaginary village called Barreh, and every time something new happens to its inhabitants.

The new terms and words that were created by the authors of this series and used in the series have been on the tongues of the people for a long time, and we can safely say that this comic collection was one of the most popular and beautiful satires of the last few decades.