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Mehran Modiri The famous director, presenter and actor of cinema and television was born in Tehran on the 18th day of Farvardin 1346. Mehran Modiri He started working in radio at the age of 3 and worked as a storyteller for the night for six years. And by acting in the comedy series Nowruz 72, he entered the field of acting and was able to achieve fame. Mehran Modiri He is married and, contrary to rumors, has not separated from his wife. The result of this marriage is two children named Farhad and Shahrzad. Mehran Modiri He is a professional open car and according to his friends, he changes one or two cars every month, he also has a collection of luxury cars. Mehran Modiri He has published a picture of himself in his different role in the movie “Walnut Tree” with doctors’ clothes on his Instagram page

Mehran Modiri Filmography

Mehran Modiri in cinema:

  • 1372 What else !? Assistant stage designer Tahmineh Milani
  • 1994 Meeting of actor Mohammad Reza Honarmand
  • 2002 Tokyo non-stop Actor / Actor Saeed Alamzadeh
  • 2007 A woman’s foot is always involved Actor Kamal Tabrizi
  • 2007 Parisa Bakhtavar Actor Ringing Circle
  • 2011 Tehran 1500 Bahram Azimi voice professional
  • 2011 Wooden Bridge Actor Mehdi Karampour
  • 2016 5 pm Director / Writer / Producer / Actor Mehran Modiri
  • 1397 We are all together Actor Kamal Tabrizi
  • 1397 Rahman 1400 Actor Manouchehr Hadi

Mehran Modiri TV works:

  • 1992 TV series Small Fists Actor Ismail Nouri
  • 1992 TV series Anecdotes Actor Mojtaba Yassini
  • 1992 TV series Advices and Advices by Mojtaba Yassini
  • 1993 Nowruz TV Series 72 Actor Dariush Kardan
  • 1993 Bagh TV series Cherries Actor Majid Beheshti
  • 1993 Flight TV series 57 actors / director Mehran Modiri
  • 1994 TV series Happy Hour Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1995 TV series of the year of the good actor / director Mehran Modiri
  • 1997 Nowruz TV Series 76 Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1998 TV series War 77 Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1999 Forgive you TV series Host / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1999 TV series No. 14 Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 2000 TV series Nood Shab Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 2001 Comic TV series 80 Host / Producer / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 2001 TV series Trouble for the parents of actor Masoud Navabi
  • 2002 Powerchin TV Series Actor / Director Mehran Modiri Farhad Barreh
  • 2004-2003 Dot Chin TV Series Actor / Costume Designer / Director Mehran Modiri Ardalan Pashandi
  • Nowruz 2005 TV series Actor / Director Mehran Modiri Bijan Jamali
  • The second half of 2005 Barreh Nights TV series Actor / Singer / Director Mehran Modiri Shirfarhad Pa’in Barreh
  • Fall 2006 Bagh Mozaffar TV Series Actor / Singer / Director Mehran Modiri Mozaffar Zargandeh
  • Nowruz 2008 TV series Man of a Thousand Faces Actor / Director / Host Mehran Modiri Masoud Shastachi
  • Nowruz 2009 TV series Man Two Thousand Faces Actor / Director Mehran Modiri Masoud Shastachi
  • 2014-2015 TV series on the sidelines of the actor / director / costume designer / designer Mehran Modiri Dr. Sohrab Kashef
  • 2015 TV series on the sidelines of 2 actors / director / costume designer / designer Mehran Modiri
  • 2016-2017 Durahmi Collection Director / Host / Singer Mehran Modiri Mehran Modiri

Mehran Modiri activity in home network:

Year of production – Name – Position – Director – Role

  • 2006 Ganj Mozaffar Actor / Director Mehran Modiri Mozaffar Khan / Narrator
  • Laughter Bomb (Unofficial) Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1388–1391 Bitter Coffee Series Actor / Singer / Director Mehran Modiri Bluetooth Kabir
  • 2012 Ice Heart Series (Season 3) Actor Saman Moghadam Mehran
  • 2012 My Villa Series Actor / Director / Costume Designer / Producer Mehran Modiri Arsalan Meshkat
  • 1392 I made a joke سریال! Actor / Director / Performer / Costume Designer / Producer Mehran Modiri
  • 1394 Sneezing series Actor / Director Mehran Modiri
  • 1397 Monster Series Actor / Director Mehran Modiri Kamran Kamerva
  • 1398 Nightclub series directed by Mehran Modiri

Mehran Modiri in the theater:

  • Rabbit 1353
  • Joke 1356
  • Telegraph 1358
  • Ignorant leopard 1362
  • A humor and a sad Ava 1985
  • Uncle Alexander Hour 1366
  • Arsenal 1367
  • Pension 1368
  • Simorgh 1369
  • Hamlet 1370
  • Vaskodogama 1371
  • Mice and humans 1992
  • Boxing bag 1371

Mehran Modiri Music Activity:

  • Cassette for children of actors, directed by Behrouz Gharibpour 1993
  • Cassette of nostalgia, the words of Hatef Alimardani’s poems, 1999
  • The album is based on the simplicity of the music of Babak Bayat and Fardin Khalatbari in 2000
  • Passenger
  • window
  • Iranian dance
  • Eid morning
  • Song
  • The Lost Star
  • Wish flower
  • Singing the title track of Fardin Khalatbari’s film Ham Nafs Music 2003
  • Singing the credits of Fardin Khalatbari, the music series Mehr and Mah
  • Singing the credits of Bahram Dehghaniar’s musical series Nights of Barreh 2005
  • Singing the credits of Bahram Dehghaniar’s Bagh Mozaffar music series in 2006
  • Singing a single on the album Darkoob Music by Darkoob 1389
  • Singing the title track of the bitter coffee series of music by Bahram Dehghaniar in 2010
  • Singing the credits of the new series of bitter coffee series by Bahram Dehghanyar 2012
  • Singing the title track of the poetry program by Hafez and music by Mahyar Alizadeh 1394
  • Singing the title track of the saffron series of poetry by Rumi and music by Mahyar Alizadeh 1394
  • Yar Tooi single song by Rumi and music by Mahyar Alizadeh
  • (This song was released after the death of Aref Lorestani and was dedicated to him)
  • 1396 Concert
  • In 2000, Mehran Modiri released the album “Az Roye Sadeghi” with music by Babak Bayat and Fardin Khalatbari, and after that he managed to hold several live performances. The titration of the movie “Ham Nafs” and the series “Nights of Barreh”, “Bagh Mozaffar”, “Bitter Coffee” and “Saffron” have been among the managerial activities in recent years in the field of singing. He also performed a piece on the album “Darkoob” which was released in 2010.
  • After many years, Mehran Modiri held a concert on Wednesday, August 21, and September 22, 2016 in Milad Tower, sponsored by Avadio music application from Aval Market.

Mehran Modiri activity in radio

  • Narrator of the “Night Story”
  • Actor of radio night stories
  • Crazy jumped from the cage directed by Behzad Farahani, 1991
  • Fortress directed by Akbar Zanjanpour, 1991
  • Vaskadlogama directed by Javad Shirgar, 1992
  • Mice and Humans, directed by Mohammad Omrani, 1992
  • Sustainability Effects Program Announcer

Mehran Modiri Awards and Honors:

  • Crystal Simorgh nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 26th Fajr Film Festival for his role in “A Woman’s Foot is Always Involved” – 2007
  • Statue of Hafez – 2007
  • Statue of Hafez, the best TV comedian for the series Two Thousand Faces and Bitter Coffee – 2011
  • The American Liberty University awarded Mehran Modiri an honorary doctorate for her artistic and humanitarian activities. The doctoral award ceremony was held on July 12, 2011 at Liberty University in Los Angeles, but Mehran Modiri could not attend the ceremony due to the recording of the continuation of the bitter coffee collection. In this ceremony, Dr. Ronald Brenner received this certificate on behalf of Mehran Modiri and Hamid Soltani delivered it to Mehran Modiri in Iran.

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