Member of Najba Movement: Iraqi government is not serious in prosecuting the killers of Hajj Qasim and Abu Mahdi

The head of the Political Council of the Islamic Resistance of Nujaba, while praising the martyrs “Soleimani” and “Al-Mohandes”, called the liberation of Iraq from ISIS one of the greatest services of the two late commanders.

According to ISNA, Ali Al-Asadi, Chairman of the Political Council of the Islamic Resistance of Nujab, in an exclusive interview with “Islam Times” praised the martyrs Sardar Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes, Vice President of the Popular Mobilization Organization Iraq, including Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, said: “The achievements of the martyrs” Soleimani “and” Abu Mahdi “are very great and not all of them can be counted. It is enough to just tell Iraq to get rid of ISIS, because by doing so, they protected all the Iraqi people, including the Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, from harm, and if they do so before God, it is enough that God is in heaven. To grant them.

He emphasized the need to focus on the Iraqi people, and said that it was even more important now with the crisis in Iraq. Secondly, some neighboring countries that do not want American troops to leave Iraq and their representatives in Iraq who follow their American server are another obstacle to the implementation of this resolution.

Regarding the popular mobilization plan and other political-jihadi currents to implement the Iraqi parliament’s resolution on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, the noble official stated: “Political parties are putting pressure on the implementation of the parliamentary resolution.” Resistance movements have also given the government a deadline to get what it wants negotiated. If that does not happen, Americans will rediscover the power of resistance they have experienced in the past.

He emphasized the Iraqi side’s investigation into the martyrdom of the resistance commanders, given the stage reached in the assassination attempt in Baghdad. In fact, the investigation into the case of these two martyrs by Iraq is in a state of ambiguity, and there is no reason to prove that the Iraqi government is serious in this case. We know that the United States is behind this ambiguity and is pressuring the government to delay the investigation. There are honorable and patriotic representatives in the parliament who we hope will reopen this case, which is very late.

Al-Assadi explained why the United States is bombing the positions of resistance movements, including the Nujabs, on the Iraqi-Syrian border: Resistance forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border thwarted the Zionist-American plan; So the American response was to bomb these heroic forces out of helplessness, and of course they would not achieve their goals in any case.

He emphasized that the legitimate protests of the Iraqi people had been diverted in the past year and that there were ways to maintain popular movements in favor of the Iraqi people. It was political. The solution is to educate the masses of the Iraqi people so that any intervention to divert the real demands of the people will fail. Protesters must also have a clear and vigilant leadership for this stage in order to negotiate with the government to fulfill their demands.

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