Member of the French Parliament: Macron’s initiative to form a Lebanese government remains

Speaking during a meeting with the Lebanese president, a member of the French parliament stressed the persistence of his country’s initiative to form a new government in Lebanon.

According to ISNA, according to the Rai Al-Youm newspaper, Luis Corran, chairman of the Lebanese-French Parliamentary Friendship Committee in the French Parliament, met today (Tuesday) in Beirut with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

During the meeting, Kroran confirmed that France’s initiative to form a new Lebanese government remains in place.

He also called for the formation of a new Lebanese government, saying that France would not leave Lebanon in its current state and that the formation of a new government was a key condition for reform and that Lebanon would receive international assistance, especially through the Cider Conference.

The French official went on to stress his country’s commitment to supporting Lebanon in the current difficult situation in the country, especially after the explosion of the port outside and the consequences of the corona outbreak.

He added: “French President Emmanuel Macron remains committed to Lebanon, as was evident during his two recent visits to Beirut and the International Conference on $ 280 million in humanitarian aid to Lebanon.”

“Macron intends to travel to Lebanon, but a new date must be set for his trip, given the circumstances,” Kroran said.

He also said that civilian and civil society organizations in France, such as municipalities and representatives, are raising $ 3 million in aid for Lebanon after the bombing of the port of Beirut.

The initiative or economic plan of the President of France for Lebanon was introduced after the explosion of Beirut and the country entering a new political crisis.

Lebanon has entered a new political crisis after the terrible explosion in the port of Beirut. Hassan Diab, who ruled Lebanon for only five months, was forced to resign under political pressure. Mustafa Adib, who was appointed to form the cabinet, did not succeed in carrying out this mission and he also resigned, and now Saad Hariri has taken over this mission, but so far he has not succeeded in forming a government due to foreign interference.

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