Memorable Iranian people died

Abbas Khoshdel, musician, conductor and composer of the nostalgic album “Nilofaraneh”, died on Thursday, March 19, at the age of 89 due to a heart attack.

Khoshdel was born on October 1, 1931 in Tehran. After passing the Higher Conservatory of Music in flute, he learned instrumental lessons from Ebrahim Abuzari and was trained by artists such as Mohammad Taghi Masoudieh, Hedayatullah Nirsina and Hassan Radmard.

Collaboration with the fine arts orchestras of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, solo group (Faramarz Payvar), conducting the orchestra No. 4 of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, collecting and recording traditional music and vocal music, etc. are part of the artistic record of this musician and researcher.

Among the most famous happy works, we can mention the albums “Nilofaraneh 1 and 2”, “Sadaim Kan”, “Shaban Ashegh” and “Razgsha”, all with the voice of Alireza Eftekhari.

The Telegram channel of Iran Music House published the news of Abbas Khoshdel’s death.