Message from Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications, on the occasion of Post Bank Day

According to Ibna, quoting the public relations of Post Bank of Iran: The text of his message is as follows;

Congratulations to all employees, brokers, veterans and stakeholders of Post Bank of Iran on the beginning of its 25th year of operation. Certainly, the financial, monetary and banking system, as one of the pillars influencing the development process of the country in general and the communications and information technology sector in particular, can lay the groundwork, facilitate and accelerate the realization of digital transformation in the country and move towards smart Iran.

In recent years, Post Bank of Iran, as the most extensive bank in the country, has played a suitable role in expanding social justice by developing available banking services in low-income rural areas and deprived areas, and we hope that this service process will continue with special care. Maximum utilization to provide new services in remote areas and as far as possible in absentia. Paying more attention and focus on the use of electronic tools and being a leader in this field, even in the entire banking network of the country, is desirable and emphasized. What is important in the process of developing the digital economy in the country and supporting the growth of businesses in this sector, the need to focus and pay more attention to the role of the specialized bank in the field of communications and information technology by creating and expanding monetary and banking tools in line with requirements and expectations. This is the field.

Certainly, playing a significant and effective role in the financial system supporting the innovation process in the country, especially in the field of communications and information technology, can create a special position for Post Bank among the activists in this sector and another golden leaf for the performance of this group. Have.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi