Message from the CEO and members of the Board of Directors of Mehr Bank of Iran on the occasion of Nowruz

Dr. Morteza Akbari, CEO, along with members of the bank’s board of directors issued a message on the occasion of Nowruz.

The message reads:

“Spring is the season of renewal; Recent Season. This novelty is not only manifested in the renewal of old clothes. To move in the right direction, we all need to look back and review our record of the past year to make it easier for us to continue on the path and, if necessary, choose a new path.

Your servants at the country’s first Qarz al-Hasna Bank tried to reduce their share of the burden on the people in a year when the country’s economy was plagued by two major factors, sanctions and the outbreak of coronary heart disease. It was definitely this effortless effort that earned your trust in Bank Mehr Iran more than ever, and this large family now numbers 10 million.

Bank Mehr Iran, by expanding its services on new platforms and in absentia, succeeded in eliminating the need for a large number of customers to be present in the bank’s branches. This issue became even more important with the outbreak of coronary heart disease.

We also responded to the needs of people applying for Qarz al-Hasna facilities as much as possible by providing facilities in various fields. Payment of more than 2.3 million items worth 320,000 billion rials is part of the performance of Bank Mehr Iran this year. In the meantime, paying attention to cooperation with support institutions with the approach of empowering the clients of these institutions, who need help more than ever in this situation, has also been seriously on the agenda.

Also, although the economic conditions were difficult for all businesses in the past year and Bank Mehr Iran was no exception to this rule, but the bank’s activities in the field of social responsibility not only did not decrease, but also continued with more strength and power. The insurance of 500,000 rural houses, the consumption of resources obtained from the place of late fines in the public utility area, as well as helping the people affected by the earthquake were the only examples of Bank Mehr Iran’s extensive actions in this area.

We passed the year 1399 with all its events. We hope we have helped make the economic situation easier for the people. We apologize to the dear people, especially the dear customers, if there is any negligence in the performance of the bank complex due to being out of the capacity and power of Mehr Iran Bank.

We need to thank the trust of the bank’s esteemed shareholders and customers, who, after God’s care, are our greatest support. We also thank all the employees of the bank, especially the staff of Kamal branches, who in these difficult conditions and despite the outbreak of coronary heart disease, seriously continued to provide all customer service.

In 1400, with the expansion of our services in various fields, we intend to cover more people and with the expansion of services based on modern banking, we will make our customers no longer need to be present in the branch. Hope that the grace of God Almighty and your growing trust will support us.

We wish pride for our dear country and a happy year with health and success for you dear ones.

Happy days to meet you

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Public Relations of Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of Iran