Message from the CEO of Bank Melli Iran to health defenders

This year, however, this day carries with it a much larger concept, and the nurse’s image of that kind angel in the difficult days of illness has become a myth of self-sacrifice and forgiveness.
The nurse is no longer just an ointment, but a desperation that during the difficult year that most families struggled with coronary heart disease, in the days when even the closest family members were not allowed to accompany their patient, with nostalgia and He overcame his dreams and became tired in order to make the waiting eyes of the patients’ families smile.
Dear nurses! Great women and men of health, I sincerely wish you a happy heart and good health, and I kiss each and every one of your hands, and I congratulate the medical community of our country for cultivating such forces with zeal.
Coinciding with the night of Yalda and the birthday of Dorsh Derakhshan Mehr and Atefeh, the nurse with bloody wounds, I also take the scene of Karbala as a good omen and I know that every person in our country has celebrated Yalda this year in your honor, dear ones, without family gatherings. They will pray for the eradication of coronary heart disease so that your other Yalda will celebrate the biggest night of the year with your loved ones and laugh at the whiteness of the end of the black night.

Happy day
Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh
Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran