Message from the Director General of Performing Arts to the artists and staff of the Resistance Theater Festival

In a message, Qader Ashna, Director General of Performing Arts, thanked the organizers and artists present at the 17th Resistance Theater Festival and praised this valuable artistic endeavor.

According to ILNA, the message of Qader Ashna addressed to the directors and artists present at the 17th Resistance Theater Festival reads as follows:

“Art is the guardian of the values ​​of a society, and the irreplaceable role of theatrical art in this meditation and protection occurs when it is tied to the protection of the resistance of the great nation of Iran against unjust oppression. The 17th National Resistance Theater Festival is going through the last days of its organization, which has been aggravated by the bottlenecks of the virus and the embargo on the difficult situation of theater artists. It has a cheap event that can keep the house warm on cold days and illuminate the course of the lights.

It is my duty to express my gratitude to the original and powerful artists present at this event, who risk and sacrifice for the preservation of the values ​​and dynamism of the theater culture, as well as to the organizers of this festival. Undoubtedly, your efforts, dear ones, to take advantage of the latest technologies and technologies while planning properly for the realization of this event at the appointed time, are praiseworthy and useful. The reward of this effort will be with God, and the martyrs of the path of resistance and self-sacrifice will undoubtedly be pleased with your zeal. “I hope that the success of their intercession, especially the care of Sardar Eshgh and the scholar of the Resistance Front, Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani, will always be with you and all of us.”