Meteorological warning of snow and blizzard in some parts of the country

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting ISNA, the orange warning of the Meteorological Organization states that snowfall, blizzard, fog and reduced visibility on Wednesday (January 23) in the provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Kurdistan, Zanjan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and the heights of Kermanshah, Lorestan, Qazvin, Alborz and Tehran provinces are not far from expectation.

These weather conditions during Thursday (January 25) in East Azarbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces, northern half of Tehran, Alborz, Hamedan and the heights of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Markazi, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Qom, Qazvin, Gilan, Mazandaran provinces. And north of Persia continues.

According to this warning, during Friday (January 26), snowfall, blizzard, fog and reduced visibility in the provinces of Zanjan, Ardabil, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan, Alborz, north of Tehran, the heights of the provinces of South Khorasan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Qazvin, Semnan , Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan and during Saturday (January 26) in the provinces of North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan and Golestan heights are forecast.

The Meteorological Agency has warned that there is a possibility of disruption of intercity and intra-city travel, snowstorms, fog and reduced visibility, cut-off of rural roads, especially in mountainous areas, slippery and icy roads, delays or cancellations of flights and damage to agricultural products and facilities. has it. Therefore, unnecessary trips should be canceled and snow removal equipment inside and outside the city should be prepared.

Equipping vehicles with safety and heating facilities, avoiding mountaineering activities, managing fuel and energy consumption due to decreasing temperatures, preparing for necessary measures to prevent the breaking of trees and damaging agricultural facilities are among the other recommendations of the Meteorological Organization.

The orange color warning of the Meteorological Organization predicts that atmospheric phenomena will have negative effects and cause possible damages. The orange alert is issued to prepare the responsible devices to deal with a harmful phenomenon.

The Meteorological Organization has also issued a yellow warning to increase the height of the waves and the turbulence of the Caspian Sea.


According to this warning, from Wednesday (January 23rd) to Thursday (December 25th), the height of the wave in the Caspian Sea will increase between one and two meters. As a result, small boats may sink, light vessels may be damaged, fishing nets may be torn, and offshore and offshore activities may be disrupted.

Restrictions on traffic with light, semi-heavy and recreational vessels and fisheries activities, taking the necessary measures by all actors in support of marine industries, especially offshore, and banning water recreation are among the recommendations of the Meteorological Organization.

The yellow alert means that atmospheric phenomena will occur that may interfere with travel and daily activities. This warning is issued to raise public awareness so that they can be prepared to deal with atmospheric phenomena that are slightly more severe than usual. On the other hand, the officials are aware of these warnings in order to think of measures if necessary.