Mike Pence’s great betrayal of Trump

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting the world of economy, the assistants of the vice president of Mike Pence said that he will probably confirm the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election and then leave the United States for a while. Three of Mike Pence’s close aides have told Politico that he intends to nominate Biden at the January 6 congressional hearing. Aides to the vice president have said he is likely to confirm the president-elect’s victory but leave the country for a while after the process. According to these informed people, US Vice President Donald Trump will leave the United States for a while after Biden’s victory is confirmed, in order to escape the Republican attack. One of Pence’s aides said he did not think the symmetry between Mike Pence’s itinerary and the congressional hearing about that were exactly what Biden was up to.

Mike Pence has been largely silent since the announcement of Trump’s election defeat, while backing Trump’s election grievances to stem the tide of Republican criticism. According to government documents obtained by Politico, Mike Pence plans to travel to Bahrain, occupied Palestine and Poland, but may extend his trip due to the situation in the United States.

As the president continues to refuse to concede defeat despite his election grievances being rejected, a small group of his loyal supporters in Congress are plotting to challenge the final round in the US House of Representatives in early January to change the outcome in favor of the election. They are. The Jan. 6 battle in Congress could end in a disorganized and deeply divisive show, putting Mike Pence in a difficult position to be forced to confirm Trump’s defeat once and for all. According to the report, this can be difficult for Mike Pence, who is tasked as the vice president of the Constitution to count the results and announce the winner, because there must be a balance between loyalty to Trump and his constitutional duties and considerations for his political future. Slowly Earlier, the Jerusalem Post quoted several sources as saying that White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien would travel to Tel Aviv soon, but that Pence’s visit to the occupied territories was likely to take place in early January. Given that O’Brien’s visit to occupied Palestine took place, the newspaper is likely to confirm Pence’s visit.

However, Pence’s aides declined to give details of his trip to the occupied territories, but documents obtained by Politico indicate that Pence will travel further to Bahrain and Israel to take further steps to reconcile the Arab states with the Israeli regime.

Observers say Pence’s trip to the Arab world appears to be a compromise and part of Trump’s Middle East peace plan. But for Pence, visiting these countries and traveling to the Occupied Territories is a way to strengthen him among the right-wing Christians who strongly support Israel. The trip will also allow him to distance himself from Trump, as Trump is reluctant to have his deputy approve the election. Observers say this is a tactic Pence intended to use to spend the last days of his tenure with Trump; First, he stays out of the limelight and avoids the scourge of the Biden Crusades. Second, he was able to find a way to increase his credibility with some Republicans.

Pence has always been with Trump, serving as chief of staff for Corona, and now intends to stay with the president to strengthen the position of the two Senate candidates running in the January run-off election. These developments come at a time when Pence has never been willing to speak out against Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. While the campaign of Trump and his supporters has been the focus of his speech, Mike Pence has tried to focus on other issues, including the anti-abortion policy he spoke to on Wednesday, emphasizing his support for the White House. .

“I think this timing is anything but coincidental,” said one of Pence’s allies about recent speculation. However, a senior White House official said the trip had not yet been confirmed but was scheduled for early January because it was the first holiday available for work in the New Year. Vice President Trump’s last foreign trip was just before the first deadly coronavirus virus hit the United States, causing him and the president to be challenged by a deadly pandemic that resulted in the loss of the presidential election.

Pence, who received the Corona virus vaccine on Friday; He plans to travel to the region, but the death toll and the number of US casualties rose again in November. The Occupied Territories, meanwhile, have imposed new restrictions on Corona re-growth. The United States has had to go through the same process. As the weather cools, activities and presence in roofed areas increase, and if no solution is devised; Leads to coronary regrowth. Since November 3, when the US situation worsened in terms of virus growth, Pence’s workload has also increased.

If we are to look at both sides of the aisle for the activities of the US President and his Vice President, Trump has focused his promises on exposing election fraud; So far, however, it has failed to deliver on its promise. Pence also monitors facilities for the production and distribution of vaccines. To this end, he regularly meets with local leaders and federal officials.

On Monday, Pence held a conference with governors to discuss the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine, which is expected to enter the vaccination cycle in the United States with FDA approval of the modern vaccine. “We can be sure that we are back from the red line, but when it comes to vaccination, we have to say we are still in the early stages,” he said. He has previously said he was one of the first to get vaccinated to reassure people. In addition, the vice president is having a busy day. He has traveled to Georgia twice so far. The importance of Senate elections in this state is very high. If the Republicans lose the two seats, the majority will be with the Democrats, but if one seat is lost, the Senate will be split 50-50, and since Vice President Biden will have the right to vote, it will still be a numerical advantage over the Democrats. Republicans have no choice but to win these two Senate seats.