Mina Vahid in ugly and awkward clothes! + Photo

Mina Vahid Posting this photo, he wrote: When I go to nature, I no longer feel lonely. I feel that a part of my being belongs to nature and returns to it. The role was paid so that it aroused the admiration of cinema critics at the Fajr Film Festival. Mina Vahid (born August 8, 1987 in Rasht) holds a master’s degree in theater and is an Iranian film and television actress.

His first appearance in the cinema was during the movie Doran Asheghi directed by Alireza Raisian. A film that was nominated for ten Crystal Smirghs from the Fajr Festival. Mina Vahid starred in this film with actors such as Leila Hatami, Shahab Hosseini, Farhad Aslani. He also starred in the famous series Shahrzad.

Mina Vahid played the role of Maryam, Babak’s wife, played by Amir Hossein Rostami in the well-made Shahrzad series directed by Hassan Fathi, which has created a commotion on the home broadcast network.

Mina Vahid said about the criteria for choosing her roles: “First of all, it is important that I like the script.” When I like the script, I have to see how much I agree with the proposed role and how much I can touch the experience that happens for my role. If the role is tangible to me, I think I can play that role better than the other roles that exist.

Regarding the strong and correct reason for entering the cinema, Mina Vahid said: “I have a master’s degree in theater and before I became a figure, I studied, worked in the theater and waited.”