Minister of Education: Shad is the largest active application in the country

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by IRNA; Mohsen Haji Mirzaei on Monday in a meeting with representatives of student organizations and active students of Sistan and Baluchestan in the virtual school (new ecosystem) said: The outbreak of Corona virus was a new phenomenon faced by the educational system around the world.

“Every new phenomenon leads to disorder, confusion and change in habitual behaviors and practices,” he said. “We have all been exposed to this new phenomenon and experienced new aspects in life, work and education.”

The Minister of Education, stating that no one had prepared himself to face these conditions, said: “The cultural community of the country stood up and stood up in these conditions and did not allow education to be closed.”

He stated: “Undoubtedly, distance education does not have the quality of face-to-face education and the peace of face-to-face education is not achieved.”

Haji Mirzaei said: “According to studies, if all people have access to distance education and remember to be educated in these spaces, distance education will still be accompanied by a 50% reduction in quality.”

He continued: “Training is a response to a need that we can not shut down, when we look at it from this angle, there are valuable opportunities to practice new skills.” Referring to the concerns of students and families in using the Internet, the Minister of Education said: “We tried to divert students from the dangerous Internet to the clean Internet.”

He pointed out about the existing problems of Shad network: this network has had a good speed of progress in the period of about 11 months, so that the first generation is significantly different from the third generation.

Haji Mirzaei pointed to the ability to report instantaneous Shad network and said: “According to daily reports, the volume of teachers’ work in this network has an upward trend and in this short period of time has become the largest active application in the country.”

He added: “There are differences in terms of access to Shad network among the provinces of the country, and Sistan and Baluchestan also faces more shortcomings than other provinces.”

The Minister of Education continued: For areas that do not have access to the Internet, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is trying to develop the Internet in these areas.

He added: “On the other hand, some students do not have smart tools to access the happy network, which had no resources in this regard, and needs the help of donors and officials.”

Haji Mirzaei emphasized: “Students ‘lack of access to the Internet and lack of smart tools is not equal to dropping out of school because we asked teachers to be sensitive to their students’ learning.”

“Shad is a tool and is not going to replace the teacher, so teachers need to make sure that students are being educated,” he said.

The Minister of Education pointed out: All students who do not have access to happiness should not be deprived of education, we should not allow students to be deprived of learning.

He pointed to the possibility of students’ tendency to social harm and added: “Society is dynamic and changes rapidly and causes harm.”

Haji Mirzaei stated: The reason for the formation of social harms among students is that they have learned the necessary skills, the more students are aware of the environment around the field, the more they will be resistant to harms.