Minister of Health: Corona is not finished right now

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Saeed Namaki, in a meeting with the head of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, stated that the corona virus is absolutely unpredictable: “Everyone who has published the announcement of the end of this virus is one of the strategic mistakes of his life Has done.
“As a minister who has been dealing with statistics every day and every day for almost 11 months, I can not at all predict that this number, even tomorrow,” he said, noting that the corona death toll has now reached 100. Remain the same.
“The discussion of mutations is very serious, and in the future, mutations within our borders are more likely because of the ethnic and genetic diversity we have, and perhaps more likely than in some other parts of the world because of this diversity,” Namaki said. Be.
The Minister of Health further referred to the corona vaccine and the immunity that develops after the injection: we can not speak with certainty about this, the flu vaccine provides 32% and in the best conditions 40% safety, which means the possibility No country can say because someone has been vaccinated with corona, so it is safe. No country can say for sure that I can open the borders with vaccination, but this does not mean that we will not prepare a vaccine for applicants for Hajj in July, I have no doubt that the domestic vaccine is on the table until the end of spring and the vaccine We will bring it from other countries as well, and there will be no problem for the pilgrims in this regard.
Namaki continued: “In this regard, the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization should not worry about vaccinating pilgrims as one of the possible conditions of Saudi Arabia, we will definitely do this.”
The Minister of Health, while emphasizing that Hajj is currently held in a more protocol way than other pilgrimage gatherings, reminded: “We believe that if Hajj is held with 30% of people and alternately between the first and second Medina, it will definitely be organized.” Until then, we can provide at least 40,000 to 50,000 needed vaccines.
He referred to the current visit of the holy shrines of Aaliyat and said: In Syria and Iraq, the structure of health monitoring and conditions are more difficult.
Namaki stated: On the other hand, we strongly believe that the pilgrimage of the Ahl al-Bayt cannot be closed to the Shiites; Throughout history, the pilgrimage of the Ahl al-Bayt has not only been a religious practice, but also a political and social stance against the oppression of the caliphs against the children of the Prophet and injustices. This issue is intertwined with our culture and can not and should not be taken from the people. .
Emphasizing that Corona is not finished at the moment, the Minister of Health said: “At least for the next one or two years, anyone who thinks that Covid 19 will end, should know that Corona is a new virus and is probably still a guest of humanity; A virus may go extinct, but it is currently going extinct; For example, the SARS and Mercer viruses went extinct, but this virus does not seem to want to go out; I ask all the officials of the Islamic Republic to be convinced that this virus is there now, and in the next stage, we will make the people continue their lives, and in addition, we will not face any serious tension.
Referring to the death toll in the United States and Europe, he said: “In the past two days, more than 3,500 people in the United States and in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy more than a thousand people have died from the disease, which of course It goes without saying that the registration of their deaths is different from what we do in Iran and does not cover all cases.
Namaki pointed to the efforts of the dissident media to spy on the Iranian regime and nation in the current situation and specified: In the history of the outbreak of this disease, we did not allow any disease from Kurdistan and Kermanshah and Sistan and Baluchestan to other parts of the country, behind hospital doors Stay suspended.
Namaki stated: As someone who loves Imam Hussein (AS), between these two options, a smaller number should go to a limited pilgrimage or a large number should stay behind in hospitals and die; I prefer the first option.
“I still do not see the situation as predictable regarding the Hajj,” he said.

He considered the two issues of vaccine immunity and the number of expeditions and protocols very important in establishing pilgrimage trips, and went on to point out the details of the trip to Atbat: An estimate should be made in this regard, I recommend at least in the next one or two months. Do not open this issue.
Namaki pointed to the need to prepare a management dashboard in coordination with the Hajj and Pilgrimage Medical Center and said: “In the last three couriers of Corona, the height of our suffering has never been coordinated; If the next peak occurs and is higher than the height of the third peak, if we have a bed, we do not have fresh energy; Our staff is tired and we may get into trouble.