Mitra Hajar is married to a pop singer + photo

Recently rumored marriage Mitra Hajar It was discussed with Sina Hejazi, but this news is not true and it is a lie. Mitra Hajar was born on February 6, 1976 in Mashhad. Mitra Hajar’s mother is Mehri Jahed and her father is Mohammad Hajar. Mitra Hajar has a sister named Maryam Hajar and a brother named Mojtaba Hajar.


Hajar left Iran for France in 1984 and traveled to the United States to study directing. After spending three years in cultural circles abroad, he was able to star in an episode of the American television series Smith. He is also active in the field of music.

Mitra Hajar He entered the cinema with a degree in mathematics and physics in 1976 and with a strange film, and spent two years directing in the classes of Bozorgmehr Rafia.

Mitra Hajar played the role of Shahab Hosseini (Younes Hedayati) ‘s lost wife in the series Young Police. Young Police was Mitra Hajar’s first experience on TV.
Young Police is Sirus Moghaddam’s fourth directing experience on television. This series was broadcast in 2002 on the Se Sima network and was noticed by the audience due to its different production method and complex narrative. “Young Police” after 11 years, is broadcast on iFilm these days.

In 1998, he shone in the movie “Faryad” and played a significant role. After that, by playing in the month of Mehr, made by Ahmad Reza Darvish in 1978, he showed such a powerful play that the jury of the 18th Fajr Festival awarded him the Best Actor Award.

Tehran Nights was a crime trailer by Dariush Farhang in which he played Shaghayegh Farahani and Farhad Ayesh.

The year 1981, in his re-collaboration with Kimiai, played a good role in the protest. After that, he played a completely different role in Beizai, directed by Beizai, and despite his small presence, he was able to show a capable actor.

Mitra Hajar played a role in 2001 in the film Rokhsareh directed by Amir Ghavidel. This film narrates the life of Tina Masroor, who is a graduate student in geriatric psychology, goes to a nursing home for her research. There he meets an elderly woman who is reading a story called Rakhsareh and ….

Another youth-friendly work was annoying by Sirus Alvand, in which he played with Amin Hayaee and Khosrow Shakibaei. The annoying film is directed by Sirus Alvand, written by Khashayar Alvand and produced by Sirus Alvand and Dariush Babaian, made in 2002. The film was released in April 2002.

He was next to Jamshid Hashempour in a different war composition of Rasoul Malakalipour in 2001 as a poisonous mushroom.

Later, in 1981, in a socially made pink film with a humorous theme, Fereydoun Jirani presented a different role, which earned her the nomination for Best Actress at the 21st Fajr Film Festival.

Filmography of Mitra Hajar


Year of production of the name of the film in the role of director

1395 Invitation Mehrdad Farid
1395 I forget you Tiara Ali Atshani
1395 Narges drunk Iftikhar Al-Saltanah Jalaluddin Dari
1394 This woman wants her right Mohsen Tavakoli
1393 360 degrees سام قریبیان
1393 Long farewell Farzad Mo’tamen
1392 Ceasefire 2 Song Tahmineh Milani
1392 Special line Shahrzad Mustafa Kiai
1392 لاله Idol Assadollah Niknejad
1391 Romantic nostalgia Angel Reza Azamian
1391 Ash and snow Ruhollah Sohrabi
1390 Orange cap Dariush Mehrjouyi
1390 I am his wife مرجان Mustafa Shayesteh
1389 Dirt and fire شرنگوک Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh
1387 Anahita Anahita Azizullah Hamidnejad
2010 Hunter Sara Alavi Rafi Pitz
2009 Blue Stelina Mitra Gabriel Scott
1384 This song is not romantic Rahman Rezaei
1384 it is winter خاتون Rafi Pitz
1383 Loser Smile Qasim Jafari
1383 Secrets Mohammad Reza Alami
1381 crime Mahtaj محمدعلی سجادی
1381 pink Sahar Mahan Fereydoun Jirani
1381 Ferrari Maryam Reza Jafari
1381 Meeting the parrot Roya Alireza Davudnejad
1380 poisonous mushroom Bita Safiri Rasool Malakalipour
1380 Annoying غزال صابری Sirus Alvand
1379 Facies Tina and the young face امیر قویدل
1379 killing dog Angel Authority (Secretary) Bahram Beizai
1379 Tehran nights Sweet Dariush Farhang
1378 Protest Laden Masoud Kimiaei
1378 Born in October Moonlight Ahmad Reza Darvish
1377 Shout Fatemeh / Gardafarid Masoud Kimiaei
1376 غریبانه پروین احمد امینی