Mitt Romney: Russia attacked the United States without fear of retaliation / Trump has a blind spot against Russia

The Republican senator from Utah stressed that Russia acted with impunity in carrying out a cyber attack on the United States, and that the ousted US president continues to ignore and weaken Russia.

“What the attack emphasizes is that Russia acted with impunity,” Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was quoted as saying by Politburo, according to ISNA. They were not afraid of what we could do given our cyber capabilities. They did not think our defense systems were perfect. And they did not seem to think we were responding faster.

He added that Russia’s widespread cyber-attack, which targeted government agencies and infrastructure, showed that the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin did not need to launch missiles to disrupt US sensitive systems such as supply chains and public services. This is the most severe attack of its kind to date.

“They do not need rockets to disrupt US super-sensitive systems,” Romney said. They are potentially able to do this remotely and at the lowest cost.

While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and intelligence experts have blamed Russia for the attack, ousting US President Donald Trump on Saturday theorized that China may have been to blame.

Romney said Trump’s remarks reflected a tendency to downplay criticism of Putin. I think we have all come to understand that Trump has a weakness and a blind spot when it comes to Russia.

He added: “I think Trump feels that anything that suggests that Russia is a malevolent force or that Russia is not treating him as it deserves will cause him not to support it.” Trump does not want to see Russia as a problem and an extremely bad agent on the world stage; Because it at least has a negative effect on itself. But the fact is that Russia is really a geopolitical enemy. They stand against us on all fronts. They are now attacking our cyberspace again.

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